Donor blood levels dangerously low

The Red Cross is dangerously low in donor blood. Due to an unexplained slow decline in donors the Red Cross currently has just 2.2 days’ supply of all blood types. Ideally it should have six days’ supply at all times.

All blood types are very much needed. If you are already a donor, or if you have ever thought about becoming a donor, now is a good time to make an appointment at your nearest Red Cross donation centre.

Fact: one in three Australians will need donor blood in their lifetime
Fact: one in thirty Australians donates blood
Fact: 24-48 hours after donation your blood levels are completely restored
Fact: if just half of our YOURLifeChoices subscribers donated blood we could single-handedly end the blood donation crisis.

Am I eligible to donate?
There are a number of eligibility criteria involved in donating blood. You can take the eligibility test at the Red Cross website, however if you are over 70 years of age the quiz will tell you that you are not eligible to donate, which is not strictly true.

As a new donor you can commence donating blood up to your 71st birthday. As an existing whole blood donor you can continue donating blood up to your 81st birthday, and if you are an existing plasma and platelet donor you can continue to donate until your 81st birthday.

More information
To find out more or to book your donation visit or call 13 14 95

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