Eat chocolate and lose weight

Eating a modest amount of chocolate a number of days a week could make you thinner, a new study has shown. Beatrice Golomb MD PhD is the Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. She and her colleagues have conducted a study of approximately 1000 adult men and women in the San Diego area.

The height and weight of each participant was measured, and each participant was asked a number of questions about the amount of exercise he or she undertook each week, the amount of chocolate consumed in an average week and other information about their diet and lifestyle.

The results were quite surprising. The team conducting the experiment had hypothesised that eating chocolate in moderation would be calorie-neutral, as chocolate speeds up the metabolism, and this would offset the extra calories consumed. What they found was even more extreme – people who ate a moderate amount of chocolate more days of the week were likely to be thinner. The results could not be explained by other factors such as exercise or other diet choices.

So while you shouldn’t go around consuming chocolate bars to your heart’s content (there is relatively little chocolate in most candy bars), a little bit of pure milk or dark chocolate might be a great way to treat yourself for making healthy choices for the rest of the day. Happy Easter chocolate lovers.

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Read the article Regular chocolate eaters are thinner, evidence suggests at the Science Daily website. 

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