Googling stimulates older brains

If you though reading was the best way of keeping your mind active, think again. Surfing the web stimulates more areas of the brain than picking up a good book.

A study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which involved 24 adults aged between 55 and 76, looked at brain activity while surfing the net. It found that those adults who knew their way around the internet, showed more stimulation of decision-making and complex reasoning than those who were just learning to use the internet.

The study, funded by the Parvin Foundation, also found that searching the internet stimulated more areas of the brain than reading. The participants were monitored by MRI while performing tasks such as reading and surfing the net. While reading, all participants showed stimulation in the same areas of the brain however, when surfing the net, those who knew what they were doing, showed twice the increase in brain activity.

For more information on the study, try Googling “UCLA” or simply visit the Semel Institute.

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