Heart disease link goes unnoticed

High blood pressure affects one in three Australian adults, yet in a recent survey, a third of respondents didn’t know there was a link between the disease and having a heart attack, heart failure and heart disease.

The survey, undertaken on behalf of NPS MedicineWise, canvassed 1136 Australian adults and found that as well as one third being unaware of the above link;

  • one in three didn’t realise there was a link between high blood pressure and having a stroke – in the 35-49 age group, this increased to half being unaware
  • 96 per cent of those surveyed didn’t think there was a link between high blood pressure and kidney disease.


While 79 per cent of those surveyed had received lifestyle advice, many find it difficult to implement changes that could reduce high blood pressure:

  • one in three were not exercising more
  • one in five did not lower their salt intake
  • two-thirds advised to lose weight, didn’t
  • 50 per cent advised to quit smoking, didn’t


A systematic approach to monitoring and managing high blood pressure is required to reduce the associated risks. The latest program from NPS MedicineWise recommends:

  • regularly checking your blood pressure, following advice from a health professional on how often it should be done
  • recording your results and keeping a diary of medicine taken
  • knowing your safe blood pressure range
  • making the necessary recommended lifestyle changes
  • taking your medicines as prescribed.


Find more detailed information about managing high blood pressure at NPS.org.au 

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