Increase your life expectancy

A Danish study has shown that going for a light to moderate run two times per week can increase your life expectancy by more than five years.

The study has been conducted over a 35 year period, and followed approximately 20,000 men and women aged 20 to 93. During the study over 10,000 deaths were recorded for non-joggers, while fewer than 200 deaths were recorded for joggers.

The final results showed that running increases the estimated life expectancy of men by 6.2 years, and women by 5.6 years.

The ideal amount of jogging is between one and two hours per session, two to three times per week. Your pace should leave you a little breathless, but not overly breathless or gasping for air. Too much strenuous exercise can also be detrimental, so don’t feel you need to start winning races.

Fun fact: If you were to jog for two hours twice per week for 35 years, you would have jogged for just over 300 days in total, or less than one year. If everything went according to plan that would mean you had given up just under one year of your life in order to get five back. It sounds like a bargain when you put it that way, and think of all the other added health benefits.

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To read the original article Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy visit the Science Daily website.

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