Jinni Compression Stockings and Travel Socks

Jinni Compression Stockings and Travel Socks

Jinni leading compression stockings, big range of sizes, compressions, colours, fashions and Open-toe or Closed-toe styles to suit most individual needs.

Why use Jinni Compression Stockings or Travel Socks?

Therapeutic Jinni Compression Stockings and Travel Socks can help promote blood circulation, as well as reducing fatigue and swelling and varicose veins.  Also compression helps reduce risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), anti-embolism, anti-thrombosis and makes your legs feel healthy.

Compare and save today!! Jinni Stockings and Socks come in attractive styles, so you can be in fashion as well and benefit from therapeutic value. The high quality lycra and specifically designed micro fibre means Jinni is breathable and cool for summer and warm for winter.

Buy now 20 per cent discount and free shipping.  Offer extended to 27 September 2011

Use this code: YLC20 during checkout.

Or phone 1300 799 455 during office hours.

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