Move it or lose it

inga vilkins fitness guruKeeping active doesn’t have to mean living in lycra or becoming a total gym junkie. Here fitness guru, Inga Vilkins, shares her best tips to incorporate easily into your life resulting in a new toned and trimmed you.

A new year, a new exercise plan!

Start with measuring your fitness – choose a favourite walking track or a set of stairs and measure how long it takes you to complete it. Then set a plan into motion. Aim for 30 minutes of structured movement per day to burn off the holiday treats. Consider these options:

1. Increase your incidental exercise. Get off the bus a stop earlier than your destination, walk to the shops instead of driving or take the stairs instead of using the lift. It all adds up.

2. Get off the couch and get outdoors. Take the dog (or adopt one!) for a walk, find a new bush track or go for a swim at the beach or the local pool.

3. Build your strength (and muscles). Research shows that those who strength trained at least once a week were more successful at losing weight than those who did not. Why? More muscle burns more calories: in fact up to 50 extra calories per day! Add 10-20 squats and push-ups to your morning routine.

4. Look into participating in a new sport. Meet new people, have fun and get fit at the same time. Start your search at your local council. It can be your source for everything from aqua aerobics to tai chi, tennis to cycling.

5. Have a good stretch. Increase your flexibility, improve your posture and increase your capacity for movement. Exercise will become much easier. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to achieve the best results.

As you get fitter, increase the intensity of your workouts and notice the results- a healthier and trimmer you!

Inga Vilkins

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