Psoriasis drug slows dementia

A drug used to calm psoriasis, an inflammatory disorder of the skin, may help to slow the onset of dementia symptoms.

The study conducted on mice showed that, when given the drug, short-term memory improved and the build-up of proteins thought to destroy brain cells was reduced.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder which is caused by the immune system attacking healthy skin cells. It is believed that inflammation may be a key factor in dementia. The immune system controls the body’s levels of inflammation, so it is not entirely surprising that psoriasis and dementia could be linked, as they are both associated with an error in the immune system.

Clinical studies of this drug can now be implemented and, if all goes well, researchers are hoping to move towards creating a preventative or providing a cure to those at risk of or suffering from dementia.

To find out more read the original article at the BBC website.

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