What healthy people do before bed

Sleep is a basic human need. Not getting enough can cloud your mind, making it all the more challenging to see through the day – with even the simplest of decisions sometimes too difficult to make.

Uplift your wellbeing and markedly improve your day with these smart habits that healthy people practice before bedtime.

1. Ditch the devices

Staring at your TV, iPad or smartphone just before going to bed does you a huge disservice. These electronic devices emit what is called ‘blue light’, which signals your brain that it is daytime, keeping it alert and awake, rather than ready for sleep.

2. Go to bed at a consistent time

This has got to do with your circadian rhythm (your body clock) which relishes consistency. Having a regular bedtime will help cue your body that it’s time to sleep, which will also aid you in falling and staying asleep.

3. Dim the lights

As with ditching the devices to avoid the blue light, dimming the lights can also help your mind to prepare for sleep. And, it’s best ensure your bedroom is pitch black for a good quality sleep.

4. Go easy on the alcohol

While alcohol can make you sleepy, and help you to fall asleep, it usually can result in poor-quality sleep, as it increases body temperature. Feeling too hot in bed is a catalyst for restless sleep.

5. Have a bedtime ritual

Having a bedtime ritual that also promotes sleep – e.g. a hot bath, brushing your teeth, reading a book, etc. – will set you up for some quality shut-eye.

If you’re interested in cultivating these habits, just tackle them one at a time. If I had to pick two, I would say the first and the second on the list would give you more bang (sleep) for your buck (efforts).

Sleep tight!

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