YOURLifeChoices Health Resources section is aimed at bringing you the latest information on services for senior Australians, including health tips for those over 50, how to successfully administer first aid and how to access emergency services. It’s also important to stay one step ahead of the game so we search the world for the latest research on common health conditions.


Time to get to know your bones

risk of osteoporosis

Time to get to know your bones

Find out if you're at risk of osteoporosis with this simple assessment.

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  1. Worry or anxiety?
  1. Handy drug apps
  1. Pain management
  1. Free seniors reading glasses
  1. Critical Information Register

Handy mental health resources

Handy mental health resources

Handy mental health resources

Help is just a click away with our list of handy mental health resources.

Find a doctor or chemist

Doctor's stethoscope with red heart on white background

Find a doctor or chemist

Search for your nearest doctor or 24-hour chemist anywhere in Australia.

How to Claim the Essential Medical Equipment Payment

Household Assistance Package, essential medical equipment payment, Centrelink

How to Claim the Essential Medical Equipment Payment

Are you eligible for assistance?

Five unknown painkillers

5 unknown painkillers

Five unknown painkillers

These five natural pain relievers have been used throughout the centuries to alleviate pain.

Seniors Health Organisations

Care for carers

It’s National Carers Week, so learn how to take care of yourself if you’re a carer.

Support and resources

Mental Health

Mental Health Association NSW Inc has a range of up-to-date information on mental health issues - read the fact sheets online. The many links include the other State and Territory mental health associations. Go there Sane Australia. Working to help ...

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Carers News

NSW Carers’ support The ‘Working Carers Support Gateway’ Provides direct information in NSW for busy working carers. Go there Carers Australia is a non-profit benevolent organisation dedicated to improving the lives of carers. Carers Australia is the national peak carer ...

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