Active Apps

Rachel has been surfing the App store for some health and fitness apps, and her thumbs look slimmer already! If you’re having trouble getting motivated then try some of these Apps to get you in the healthy living mood – they’ll help you count your calories, walk up escalators and heal the sick and injured.

App: Swap It, Don’t Stop It
Price: Free
Swap It, Don’t Stop It is an Australian Government initiative to help you lose inches without losing the things you love. Swap It, Don’t Stop It is both an app and a website. It gives you suggestions of things you can swap – for example walking up the escalator instead of letting it carry you up, or swapping a chocolate bar for a piece of fruit. Check out the Swap It, Don’t Stop It website, or download the app to get into the swapping craze.

App: CalorieKing Australia Calorie Counter
: Free
The CalorieKing food database is an Australia-specific list of foods and their associated calories. It contains over 22,000 Australian foods verified to clinical standards, so you know what your calorie intake will be at any popular restaurant, fast food chain or when shopping at the supermarket. You can also find out detailed information about specific foods, such as their protein or fibre content.

App: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
: Free
Once you’ve worked out the calories in your food using the CalorieKing app you can record your calorie intake with this calorie counter app. The interface is simple, clean and attractive, so calorie counting becomes a pleasure instead of a chore.

App: Australian First Aid – Pocket Guide
: $1.99
What do you always have with you? Keys, wallet and your mobile phone. This app costs less than a first aid book, and yet you’re so much more likely to have it with you when you need it. Australian First Aid has been developed by professional Australian ambulance paramedics for the public to use. It talks you through emergency situations, and covers most common trauma and medical emergencies. A real peace of mind in your pocket.