Farting is healthy and may prevent Alzheimer’s and other diseases

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On average, we break wind, or ‘fart’, around five to 10 times each day. Although it may not be the most ‘acceptable’ form of behaviour, farts are a sign that we are healthy.

We would have to eat a diet solely consisting of refined sugars to avoid breaking wind. Farts are a sign that we are eating enough fibre and that we have healthy gut bacteria. And a healthy gut means we have a strong immune system and effective gastrointestinal function.

Now, there are some foods that can make you fart more, such as dairy products, sweet potatoes, oats, nuts, wheat and everyone’s favourite food on which to blame flatulence: beans. But these foods are all high in nutritional value. If your wind is exceptionally smelly, you can cut back on foods such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, bok choy, onions, leek and garlic.

But even smelly farts have an important function. Flatulence contains hydrogen sulphide which, in large doses, can be lethal. But consumed in small doses, it protects your ‘mitochondria’ and, apparently, may even help to prevent dementia.

In fact, a compound called AP39 is currently being extracted from hydrogen sulphide and, although in its early testing stages, is being used to help combat cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, arthritis and cancer.

So, the next time you break wind, don’t be embarrassed, as your stinky farts may actually be prolonging your own life, as well as improving the health of those around you.

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    Great, I should live until I’m 120

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    Now, there are some foods that can make you fart more, such as dairy products, sweet potatoes, oats, nuts, wheat and everyone’s favourite food on which to blame flatulence:
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    By the photo above, it looks like it was “Dutch oven” time.

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    My canine companion objects strongly to anyone breaking wind close to him, so I abstain.

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    Don’t know where you get them from leon. I have to smile with this one………

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    Finally some good news on my health!

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