How to wake up earlier

By focusing on these five aspects, with a little effort you’ll be leaping out bed in no time.

How to wake up earlier

Whether you’re still struggling to adjust to daylight savings, or just sick of running late every morning, waking up earlier doesn’t need to make your entire day miserable.

If you’re not a morning person, getting up an hour earlier can feel impossible. What people forget is that to wake up earlier you need to go to bed earlier so you’re adjusting your sleep patterns rather than getting by on less sleep. By focusing on these five aspects, with a little effort you’ll be leaping out bed in no time.


  • Keep your curtains closed at night
    Rather than allowing light to gradually wake you up, you are better to induce a dramatic jump in your hormone levels to jolt you awake by changing from darkness to bright light instantaneously.

  • Soak up the sun early
    Soaking up as much bright light as early as possible will convince your body clock it’s time to get up and tackle the day ahead.


  • Turn off your gadgets before bed
    Turning off your gadgets at least two hours before you go to bed stops technology interfering with the hormone which controls the sleep-wake cycle and ensures you get a better nights sleep.


  • Sleep in a cold bed
    Cooler body temperatures allow for deeper sleep so make sure your bed isn’t too warm.

  • Warm up to wake up
    Raising your body temperature helps to wake you up. Doing a few quick warm-up exercises or having a warm shower can assist in waking yourself up faster.


  • Avoid big meals before bed
    Eating too much just before bedtime can interfere with sleep, making it painful to wake up early in the morning. 

  • Eat at the same time everyday
    Your body remembers how many hours there are between dinner and bed. It doesn’t really matter how many there are, as long as you’re not eating straight before you hop into bed, but keep it consistent.


  • Exercise at the same time
    As with with eating, your body remembers what time you exercise and determines when you should go to bed and wake up based on this.

  • The higher the intensity the better the sleep
    Intense exercise is believed to cause muscles to release cytokines which may trigger drowsiness and help you sleep more soundly.

  • Don’t exercise straight before bed
    Exercising increases your adrenaline levels, heart rate and body temperature making it difficult to fall asleep. Allow your body a few hours for these levels to fall before you get into bed for a better night’s sleep.


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    24th Oct 2014
    I'd like some hints on how not to wake up so early - doesn't matter what time I go to sleep I still wake up between 4.30 and 5.00 am - and this is during daylight saving, so even worse in the winter.
    24th Oct 2014
    i have difficulty getting to sleep, waking up around 4-5 hours later. I get up, do something like read, go back to bed, sleep for another 3-4 hours then it is often mid-morning before I get up and stay up for the day!! zzzzzz
    Polly Esther
    24th Oct 2014
    I always take it as a bonus when I wake up, regardless of the time. Of course the day I don't wake up I wont realize I haven't woken up. So that's it then really, will it have all been rather pointless? Will we ever know? Excuse me please, it's time to go and smell the roses.
    24th Oct 2014
    I have no trouble sleeping. PussCat wakes me early to go out, then I check the inet and then back to sleep in an instant. I believe keeping all the "chores" and "to do" lists up-to-date as much as possible lets me sleep worry-free. Just a thought,
    Young Simmo
    24th Oct 2014
    OK this is just a tip that may or may not help somebody. My wife (74 years ) has serious spinal and other problems. Over many years and many Doctors she has ended up on a myriad of medications. Regardless of what time she goes to bed she has been waking up and getting up around 10 to 11am every day.
    Just on her own bat she stopped taking a couple of Anti-depressants namely, Endep and Andepra, and also reduced her Oxy-Contin from 3 X 30mg to 2 X 30 mg per day.
    She is a new person waking around 6 to 7 am and being in the kitchen by 7.30 am every single day. It's a hole new life for the both of us, and the increase in expenditure for coffee is easy to absorb.
    Yes over time and without close supervision the medication thing can get away from us.
    It this helps anybody you are welcome.
    24th Oct 2014
    That is an excellent result and well done. My partner and I work with a natural therapy based on Acupuncture without needles for healing worldwide, the same as now used in hospitals in France and other countries. We work with thousands of medical professionals and individuals in many countries with this medically proven therapy but find this forum appears very much against anything alternative. Such a pity but again great to see there are people about that can improve their quality of life in their own way.
    24th Oct 2014
    Too Simple ..Ignore Daylight Saving !!
    Young Simmo
    24th Oct 2014
    We can't ignore it when you eastern staters ram it down our throats.
    In fact you lot can't even tell the time, I just looked at my watch and it says 11.48 am.
    24th Oct 2014
    So You got out of Bed Early today Simmo ?? 11.48am ?? Wow !! Beats Your 1pm Snore In !!
    24th Oct 2014
    The people across the Street have a Black Cat who jumps onto the ledge outside My bedroom window nearly every morning at 6am !! I just found out this morning His name is Vegymite ?? I had to stifle a Laugh! And did My best not to comment !!
    24th Oct 2014
    Trouble is I have is waking up at about 4.30 am then drifting offto sleep again about 5.30 just when I ;ike to listen to my story, which is a continuing thing every day, so now & again I miss an episode which is very annoying.

    24th Oct 2014
    Be happy just to wake up every morning
    Young Simmo
    24th Oct 2014
    Yeh Solomon, I give myself 10 minutes to 10 years, and have made a Solom pledge (Pun intended), not to bellyache on the first morning I fail to muster.
    It's just the way I am made.
    25th Oct 2014
    Yes Solomon I am happy just to wake every day knowing I have got another day of life & often think of how lucky I am that I have another day to see through I just find it anoying to go off to nap land when I have been awake for so long listening to anything and everything that mean not much except that I have got through another day.
    26th Oct 2014
    And shouldn't Widow Jones be told to keep her window shades pulled completely down....

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