Increase your life expectancy

A Danish study has shown that jogging can increase your life expectancy

A Danish study has shown that going for a light to moderate run two times per week can increase your life expectancy by more than five years.

The study has been conducted over a 35 year period, and followed approximately 20,000 men and women aged 20 to 93. During the study over 10,000 deaths were recorded for non-joggers, while fewer than 200 deaths were recorded for joggers.

The final results showed that running increases the estimated life expectancy of men by 6.2 years, and women by 5.6 years.

The ideal amount of jogging is between one and two hours per session, two to three times per week. Your pace should leave you a little breathless, but not overly breathless or gasping for air. Too much strenuous exercise can also be detrimental, so don’t feel you need to start winning races.

Fun fact: If you were to jog for two hours twice per week for 35 years, you would have jogged for just over 300 days in total, or less than one year. If everything went according to plan that would mean you had given up just under one year of your life in order to get five back. It sounds like a bargain when you put it that way, and think of all the other added health benefits.

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To read the original article Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy visit the Science Daily website.


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    11th May 2012
    Sounds good, but what about the harm done to knees in particular, hips, ankles and vertebra. Jogging is hard on these areas. I walk for 40 minutes per day on instructions from my spine surgeon, who says jogging or running is hard on vertebra. I think this article only tells part of the story.
    Nan Norma
    11th May 2012
    I agree with you. I think we learnt awhile ago that walking was a better option.
    11th May 2012
    I think it's the exercise, rather than the jogging, which makes the difference. I walk a lot and I'm sure it does me just as much good. Well, I've got to 81 anyway!

    11th May 2012
    1-2hours of jogging per session!!!!! I should be a little breathless and not gasping. Then do it 2-3 times a week.
    Firstly I agree with Jen about damage actually caused by jogging - those are the people they talk about that die earlier because they can no longer move from the damage caused by jogging.
    Secondly, I jog for 5 minutes and walk for 45 minutes every day. The walking I agree should be increased by another 45 mins and the jogging by another ten minutes but if I jogged for 1-2 hours I wouldn't gain 6+ years, I would expire on the spot. I would be absolutely breathless.
    11th May 2012
    you're dead right (excuse the pun!)
    11th May 2012
    Wow. I'm impressed. Men and women UP TO THE AGE OF 93 were JOGGING for 1 to 2 hours several times a week? Way to go. I'm 63 and think I'm pretty good to jog non stop for 1/2 hour. (Well, more of a Cliff Young shuffle, really.)
    11th May 2012
    I agree with all the comments posted so far and good on you grannysally. I believe you need to do what you feel you can do and push yourself just a little bit but not so much so that you get injuries, specifically as you get older. Regularity with exercise is important in my book together with good eating habits and hopefully not too much stress. I don't jog now because of a 'dodgy hip' but still enjoy walking, Simple Hatha Yoga is fantastic for stretching out the limbs as is Pilates with a physio is best. My motto 'try to be the best you can be for your age" thats all anyone can ask really.
    11th May 2012
    I have damaged knees and osteoarthritis in the hips - I walk as much as possible, but if I were to run I would need surgery long before what is currently predicted! and I am only 56!!
    Nan Norma
    11th May 2012
    aqua aerobics would help you a lot.
    11th May 2012
    Yes, I feel more research is required on the benefits of jogging for everyone. We are all different ages, with various medical issues, and this appears to not have been taken into account. Also, it is very bad to jog let alone walk on concrete footpaths as this further damages our bodies. For those who love jogging or walking do not do so on concrete, but on the grass as it causes far less damage to our bodies.
    11th May 2012
    I fear for the knees and hips! Have worked for a chiropractor for 36 years and have seen the results of some sports - walking would have to be the safer option!
    12th May 2012
    I concur with Jen's comment but use another option; riding a bicycle 5 - 10 km per day as it takes the weight off my leg joints. Findings on alternative exercise would benefit those who want to stay close to the ground. I am 74
    Allan James
    12th May 2012
    A lot of truth in these posts. How many athletes are you aware of that have had an early demise that had nothing to do with an accident? In my humble opinion anything more strenuous than tiddleywinks is a health hazard that should be looked at most carefully!
    12th May 2012
    People of any age who jog for and hour or two several times a week are presumably going to be pretty serious wholistic health nuts - good diet, excercise, attitude, probably some pilates and/or yoga, swimming, bicycling etc.. People like this are by definition in better shape, and could be expected to live longer, than couch potatoes, jogging or no jogging?
    12th May 2012
    Walking is far better exercise as it puts no strain on the heart or the hips & knees.Even though I smoked for years what saved me was walking as I would walk up to 10 kms per day I have since woken up to myself as far as smoking is concerned find that as now I no longer walk I truly miss it, The reason I don't walk as it is impossible at the moment as an operation on my foot is necessary and I an afraid the hospital waiting time is just on 12 months for non urgent cases.
    12th May 2012
    Tricky piece of math, you should try out for Treasure of either persuasion ,they both need you. Nobody is going to run for 24 hours a day, so a more reasonable figure to use would be 8 hours which extend your time to 3 years for running, plus a few months added for knee and hip reconstruction, plus the waiting time. I think you can see where this is going.
    13th May 2012
    i love jogging but recently gave it up because of persistant injuries,so i started riding my racing bike and got hit by a 4wd who didn't give right of way,that was ten days ago. can't take a trick,i'm 65yo.

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