Is erectile dysfunction an inevitable part of ageing?

Does ageing make it inevitable? Are there ways that you can avoid the dreaded droop?

Is erectile dysfunction an inevitable part of ageing?

Erectile dysfunction: it’s many a man’s nightmare. But is it a certainty? Does ageing make it inevitable? Are there ways that you can avoid the dreaded droop?

For the lucky ones who don’t know what erectile dysfunction (ED) is; it’s the inability to get or keep an erection that’s firm enough for sexual intercourse. The penis is not the only organ responsible for ED. It all begins with the brain, which activates nerves that relax the muscles in the spongy tissue in the penis. When the muscles relax, the arteries fill the empty space with blood, et voila – erection formed. Well, if all goes according to plan …

Anything that interrupts this process can lead to a let-down between the sheets.

The medical disruptions could include:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • low testosterone
  • enlarged prostate
  • sleep disorders (such as sleep apnoea)
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease.

But there are non-medical disruptions, too. Such as:

  • alcohol consumption
  • tobacco use
  • prescription medications (such as antihistamines, calcium channel blockers, high blood pressure medications, hormone therapy, depression medications)
  • anxiety
  • depression.

ED can happen to anyone at any age but, as you can see, ageing alone is not a definite cause of impotence. Let’s not sugar coat it though, ageing does raise the risk of ED, but there are ways it can be avoided.

That’s why it’s good to know the possible causes, because they can generally be countered by lifestyle changes. For example, if you’re overweight, then lose weight. If you smoke, then quit smoking. If it’s all in your head, then seek professional help.

Even naturally decreasing testosterone levels can be bumped up by eating the right foods. Same goes for getting your physical wellbeing in order – exercise has wider health benefits than just keeping you looking trim – it may even get you more trim (if you catch my meaning).

Unfortunately, there are some factors that may not be so easily countered, such as long term health conditions like Parkinson’s and MS.

But for the rest of you guys and gals, fear not, age does not a floppy phallus make – there are plenty of things you can do to keep the life in your ‘little fella’.

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    17th Mar 2017
    All these things may have an impact, some seriously, I would take advice on any of that but there is a big one missing. Simply, that ones interest in a particular partner no longer bends that way leastwise on a dependably regular basis. That wouldn't have to mean a bad relationship nor that there would never be an interest.

    It can be serious fun and the rest but is after all evolved for particular primal reasons and these were particularly pertinent to women somewhat under 50 and men who seldom lived that long anyway. All of us here would be older than that.
    17th Mar 2017
    It's an unfortunate aspect of human inter-action that lack of variety often removes the spice from life... but oh well.. there are other benefits... I think.

    I blame the government exclusively for installing anti testo drugs in the water supply to satisfy the feminist lobby... (big grin emoticon implied)...
    17th Mar 2017
    Long term medication for BP plus the unfortunate side effect of a major op has resulted in me running last in the race :( I do my very best to make up for it in many other ways and there are ways. Hang in there guys (snigga)
    17th Mar 2017
    Plus, Trebor, reckon you may onto something there those pesky feminists and their insidious plots :(
    18th Mar 2017
    I'm the same - half mast at best, but my only stimulus at present is the disabled ex (I'm her carer) who has no interest and is looking like a whale from lack of physical activity - but ve have vays off meking you moan..... her sister on the other hand...... hmmmmmmm....

    Jackie must be in minority - most of the unattached ladies I meet are ravenous for a little attention............. get it while the getting's good, I always say....
    18th Mar 2017
    Oh - long term - for 16 years now - heart meds... damn..... they make life soft in several ways....
    20th Mar 2017
    Sorry Trebor - I am with Jackie on this one.
    Men's batteries go flat before women's libido but eventually both get to a similar level of interest.
    Then it's the lucky ones who have found a deep love that carries them through to days end. The ones that didn't only rely on sex. There aren't very many marriages like that but they are the relationships they make movies about.
    17th Mar 2017
    Sex at my age does not interest me. I am over it. My body shows I have passed the use by date. I had my fair share of sex during the 60s and 70s. Those were great times to be young. I am a happy celibate just the way nature has intended me to be. No viagra, lubes, hormones, toys to spend money on. It's all just a business racket selling you the myth that you are a freak for not consuming their products.
    17th Mar 2017
    Jackie ,Are you talking about the 60 and 70 era or your age?
    17th Mar 2017
    Bwahahaa tj ;) Looking at jackie's icon I reckoned you may have nailed (!!) it ;) Goodonyer jackie :D
    19th Mar 2017
    Hey what is wrong with you ..... get up dance and do do do you only have one life use it in full ...... do not care what others think or care just do it stuff everybody .....
    I am 73 and still going great fun dance do it at least ones every two weeks (Some times ones a week ) and feel great I am alive ..... you can do the same go for it ......
    17th Mar 2017
    If you lose prostate to prostate cancer you got no chance of raising it.
    19th Mar 2017
    Talk to your Doc. there are lots and lots of ways to make it work mate
    19th Mar 2017
    What ??? too old for sex ... NEVER NEVER NEVER ... come on sex is the essence of life provide you good health and settle your inhibitions, reduce stress also provide you with a great feeling of happiness so get on with it if you can not do it talk to your doctor for a prescription ...... there are many Blu colours around that make it work great but always with measure and well program moment.

    1 - Very small drink
    2 - Lots and lots of talking fun stuff ... do not be smart arse or dirty just simple stuff
    3.- Bust be sure she or he is receptive if not then you have to work on that
    4.- take your time slow and sure to provide the required feeling he he
    5.- No dirty movies ( no no no) let the natural feeling to take control

    See is easy you only have to relax and be funny make stupid jokes talk talk and talk easy things relax words some loving words as you deliver your plan .... like a proper project manager step by step ...

    Is a question of work for it will not come easy and must come willing .... do not force the issue you will loose and be let hanging dry he he

    Good luck ... let me know how you go with your next loving adventure .... share the moments so others may learn from you (Only what is proper)

    Note: the blues's only work with time will take about 45 minutes or maybe more and also is a mental exercise do not expect a reaction in 5 minutes .... does not work.
    If you have a Heard problem talk to your Doc. first else ...Yeahhhh go for it mate I promise a great fun times
    20th Mar 2017
    Aussie - when you were 16 you didn't have to make a plan!
    I can't believe how happy I am not to be interested anymore.
    - still love love though.

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