The signs and symptoms that you have a thyroid disorder

Chills, sweats, hair loss, brain fog or unaccounted for weight gain? You may have a thyroid disorder.

Is your thyroid out of whack?

Do you experience chills, sweats, anxiety, hair loss, brain fog or unaccounted for weight gain?

There may be a problem with your thyroid.

Your thyroid gland produces hormones that affect nearly every organ in your body and help to control your metabolism. Problems with your thyroid can result in too many or too few hormones being produced, causing your metabolism to speed up or slow drastically. Approximately one in 20 people will experience a thyroid problem in their lifetime.

When your thyroid gland is unable to produce enough hormones, your metabolism may slow down, a condition known as hypothyroidism. If left untreated hypothyroidism can cause a life-threatening drop in body temperature, brittle bones, raise cholesterol levels and increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Common side-effects include:
- weight gain
- brittle finger nails
- dry skin
- feeling depressed, tired or lethargic
- feeling cold
- your heart rate may slow due to hypothyroidism
- constipation
- irregular menstrual periods
- numbness or tingling in the hands

When your thyroid gland produces more hormones than your body needs your metabolism speeds up, a condition known as hyperthyroidism. This condition affects women more often than men and is commonly caused by Grave’s disease.

Common side-effects include:
- weight loss
- sleeping problems
- feeling anxious, irritable or restless
- diarrhoea
- feeling hot and sweaty
- increased heart rate
- problems with your vision
- irregular menstrual periods
- muscle weakness or trembling hands

Swelling in the neck
Goitre is an enlargement of the thyroid gland, located just below your Adam’s apple, and while it is normally painless it can affect breathing and cause coughing. This may signify hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, but swelling may also indicate cancer in the nodules or thyroid.

Unhappy heart
Heart palpitations, feeling as though your heart is pounding in your chest, and increased blood pressure may be signs of a thyroid disorder.

Hair loss
While hair usually grows back after the thyroid disorder is treated, both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause your hair to fall out.

Treatment for thyroid disorders ranges from medication to radioactive iodine therapy to surgery. If you are concerned that you may have a thyroid disorder, consult your regular GP or an endocrinologist.

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    17th Jun 2019
    When you buy salt, buy the iodised type. This prevents goitre.
    17th Jun 2019
    Not necessarily. I loved salt (& used iodised for years) & I still had a goitre & surgery to remove it!
    17th Jun 2019
    Not necessarily. It runs in our family, 3 females. We came to Australia when I was 8 months so I should've had plenty of iodine from salt but unfortunately, it doesn't stop the goitre. It took GPs a long time to pick it up, the blood test was ok and nothing else pointed to the weight gain problem. One minute skinny and the next boom! I can be genetic. I hope I'm the last to and my daughter doesn't have the gene.

    I visited an ENT specialist, he picked it up by feeling the goitre I had which none of the GPs did. This took 3 months and to top it off I gained more weight from the stupid hormone replacement therapy, a double whammy! I ended up having a thyroidectomy. Now I'm on medication for life and it didn't help my weight problem either. Once on, hard to get off.

    It happens more to females than males. Goodness, don't we women have enough to endure without this added problem?

    I am sorry for Paddington to have to go through this. Mine was 'Hypo', Hyper is worse. I have seen women with this problem, they look very anorexic.
    17th Jun 2019
    Whoops, typo "I" can be genetic was meant to be IT can be genetic.
    17th Jun 2019
    Doctors advised me to buy salt with iodine. Australians do not get enough iodine in foods we eat
    17th Jun 2019
    Doctors advised me to buy salt with iodine. Australians do not get enough iodine in foods we eat
    Polly Esther
    17th Jun 2019
    Thank you doctor
    17th Jun 2019
    Two different naturopaths indicated to my husband many years ago to purchase a bottle of Tincture of Iodine from the chemist and with an eye dropper put one drop of Iodine into a glass of water and drink it every day.
    17th Jun 2019
    We are going through this at the moment with a daughter. It took six months to get diagnosed and then three or four months for the meds to kick in. Hers is hyperthyroidism.
    Her symptoms were horrendous and there is still a way to go. We called an ambulance a number of times as her heart was beating so fast it would wake her from a deep sleep.
    She ticked every symptom and it was a very scary business.
    Being self employed has been a challenge with her being unable to work she has been home with us and we are pensioners.
    It also highlights the plight of women and having no money in old age. A man could also find himself in this position and people on here wonder why everyone is not rich on retirement. So many things pop up in life to take control out of our hands.
    18th Jun 2019
    Have a read of a book called "Thyroid Healing" by Anthony William, see if your local library has it, it is very informative and helpful. I was told I had hyperthyroidism and nodules on my thyroid, but I never ended up going to a specialist and taking medication instead I cured it with changes to my diet.
    18th Jun 2019
    She has heaps of issues with her diet which have to be addressed and she does. Her specialist is excellent and her new GP is too. She is gluten free, dairy free and others as well so complicated but she manages it all well. Thanks musicveg but she needs to do the traditional and for a woman who has never believed in regular medicine she is doing well to accept this.
    18th Jun 2019
    Has she also given up eggs? And have she considered drinking celery juice? if you have two glasses a day on an empty stomach it can do wonders, that what is recommended in the books by Anthony William, and if you read the testimonials from others who have healed it is amazing. I have been doing it too to boost my immunity. You can also find a lot of information about it online.
    19th Jun 2019
    I am pretty certain that you have good intentions musicveg but if you had any relevant qualifications for the advice you constantly insist on providing, you might be more helpful. Instead you could be doing harm. People who are ill , sometimes gravely so, often clutch at the sort of straws you toss around.
    20th Jun 2019
    Yes Maggie, I just want to help people get well, I don't have any straws I just have suggestions of being more open to finding answers to heal yourself when the medical profession fails and there are many people overcoming chronic disease through seeking other ways to get well. You are continuing to undermine me for what? If you don't like what I write then don't read it.
    23rd Jun 2019
    musicveg, you cannot generalise because people are individuals. Intelligent people do the research, listen to experts, trial and error for themselves and have the best doctors.
    An individual has a range of conditions and a book is not going to know as there are millions and millions of variations.
    She is especially unique and has had years to fine tune her diet and now has an extra condition to throw into the mix.
    Thank you for your input but it is only one of many to consider. Also, it is not about me, therefore, no good telling me as she does her own thing. She will get there in her own way.
    23rd Jun 2019
    Paddington, so you have turned against me too now? I am not generalizing, I am merely suggesting people consider looking at other methods to heal, when there are millions out there who are healing on Anthony Williams protocol mainly celery juice it is just amazing,you only have to google it and find out for yourself. In fact it was someone on this forum who told me about it and I can't remember who but want to thank them.
    I know that doctors have the best intentions but they are limited to what they are allowed to offer. Also if you do not like my suggestions anymore please go ahead and ignore them. I am not here to get put down, and I wonder if I should just move on because YLC's is not a very supportive environment.
    retired lady
    17th Jul 2019
    Trouble with having too much salt is it can bring on a meniers attack. I used to suffer terribly and couldn't get out of bed for a week but since cutting out salt I haven't had one in 4 years
    17th Jul 2019
    Yes it is often overlooked that we have too much salt, and we actually need very very little in the diet. I have given up on added salt recently too, takes a bit of getting used to but am enjoying my food just with other herbs and spices. You can use celery or celery seed too.

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