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An Advanced Care Directive allows you to share your end of life plan with your chosen doctor, hospital, family or carer and can now be included in your Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record. You can include information about any treatments you do or do not want under particular circumstances, or even specify whether you wish to die in your own home (where possible).

It may sound a little morbid, but creating an Advanced Care Directive now while you are of sound mind and body can save your loved ones a lot of heartache later on. It can be very difficult for family members to make decisions in the heat of the moment, and if two family members disagree about the best course of treatment, then knowing your wishes could help to avoid a family rift.

A Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record allows your medical history to be accessed by authorised doctors and hospitals. This can be especially useful if you become sick or injured while travelling, as the institution in which you are being treated will not have to get your records sent through – they will have instant access to the information. By including an Advanced Care Directive in your Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record you are ensuring that, if you become incapacitated, hospitals and your loved ones will still be able to access your wishes regarding end-of-life treatment.

You can set up a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record at The ability to include an Advanced Care Directive will become available shortly, so keep an eye out.