Glaucoma drug improves human hair growth

Those thinning on the top, rejoice! A new research report in the FASEB Journal has shown that the glaucoma drug, bimatoprost, causes human hair to regrow. The drug is available as a way to lengthen eyelashes, but this study is the first to show that it can actually grow human hair from the scalp.

The study involved a twofold approach. First bimatoprost was added to hair follicles in a laboratory. The next stage was to apply bimatoprost to the skin of bald spots on mice. In both cases the drug caused hair to regrow.

“Given that the drug is already approved for human use and its safety profile is generally understood, this looks like a promising discovery that has been right in front of our eyes the whole time,” said Gerald Weissmann, MD, editor-in-chief of the FASEB Journal.

Watch this space to find out more about this promising treatment.