Link between male baldness and heart attack

Recent research has been undertaken at the University of Toyko investigating a link between baldness in men and coronary heart disease. The findings of the study, involving 36,690 men and undertaken over 11 years, were published in the British Medical Journal.

Results show that men from all age groups, with vertex balding, where hair is lost from the crown of the head as opposed to frontal balding, a receding hairline, are more likely to develop coronary heart disease.  But the relationship between baldness and coronary heart disease depends on the severity of baldness, with a receding hairline not being a factor.

With 30–40 per cent of adult men affected by male pattern baldness, and numbers increasing to 80 per cent of men by the time they reach 80 years of age, a relationship between vertex baldness and coronary heart disease could potentially see an increase in the detection of heart disease. The study recommended that the risk of coronary heart disease should be considered in men, especially younger men, and they should be encouraged to take steps to reduce their chance of cardiovascular complaints.

As both male pattern baldness and coronary heart disease can be hereditary conditions, it is important to be aware of your hair thinning on the crown of the head, especially at a younger age. You would also be well advised to consider your lifestyle choices and how they could affect your risk of coronary heart disease. Five things which can help are:

  1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a few times a week
  2. Maintain a healthy weight
  3. Eat a healthy diet
  4. Get regular health check-ups
  5. If you haven’t already, give up smoking


Read the study here 


Written by Andrea