Men Living Longer

Gone are the days of the beer swilling, cigarette smoking, lay-about Aussie bloke it seems. Men are giving up smoking, cutting down on alcohol, taking regular exercise and are being rewarded by a longer life!

No longer is popping along to the GP for a health check the domain of women. Men have conquered their fear of doctors’ surgeries and realised this is indeed a good idea.

A report by the Department of Health and Ageing attributes these factors to the forecast that the number of people over 65 will have more than doubled to 6.3 million in 2036, with 1.1 million of us making it to over 85.

The report, Older Australia at a Glance, shows that 46.6% of the total population over 65 in 2036 will be male an increase of 1.6% on today’s figures. For more information on how to continue this trend by improving your health and quality of life, read about the four lifestyle changes key to living longer.

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