Men's Health Issues

Men are notorious for not keeping on top of health issues and being reticent to visit a doctor or discuss health issues. Sometimes it’s just a case of not knowing what’s considered ‘normal’ and what needs to be followed up medically. YourLifeChoices aims to keep the men in our lives healthy with information on how to manage any health related issues.

Ten best men’s health websitesTen Best Men's Health Websites

1. Start your research
A good all-rounder, Health Insite gives you access to a wide-range of information on men’s health, from prostate cancer to obesity and depression. The information provided is more general than what you will find at some of the other websites on this list, however it is a great starting point.

2. Across the generations
Men’s Health Australia is all about providing you with accurate information and advice about the social and psychological wellbeing of men and boys. Visit the website to read articles, news and commentary and to find information about resources and services. Men’s health isn’t just about adults, and this is a good resource if you have concerns about children or grandchildren.

3. Be your own doctor
The myDr website allows you to take the first steps in self-diagnosis, by searching for health issues either by name or by inputting your symptoms and looking at the possibilities. There is a dedicated men’s health section, so you can search for your symptoms knowing you will get relevant results.

4. Prostate cancer
Did you know that you should be getting tested for prostate cancer from the age of 50? Perhaps you know someone dealing with prostate cancer, or are going through treatment yourself. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia provides information about all stages of prostate cancer, from health checks to treatment options and support for families and friends.

5. Head for the shed
“Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder” is the motto for Men’s Sheds. Men’s Sheds are communal sheds all over Australia where men can get together to work on projects, such as restoring bicycles for the local primary school or building cubby houses to be auctioned off for charity, learn to cook for themselves, learn to use a computer, or just to sit and have a yarn. Visit the website to find your nearest shed.

6. Talk it over
MensLine Australia is Australia’s national telephone and online support service for men who have relationship or family concerns. You can talk anonymously to a paid professional counsellor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the cost of a local call.

7. Difficulties with sex
Problems with sex are much more common than most men might suspect. The male sexual health section of the Sexual Health Australia website has information on all forms of male sexual health issues, from erectile dysfunction to low libido.

8. You vs. the world
The University of Western Sydney has created a dedicated men’s health information and resource centre on its website. It provides information on the way that society affects men’s health, either positively or negatively, and often focuses on disadvantaged or marginalised men, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, unemployed men, separated men and other men who may be in high stress situations.

9. Men’s Health Week
Men’s Health Week is all about promoting, you guessed it, men’s health. Find an event near you, or register your own men’s health event to receive a promotional pack to help you publicise your event to those around you.

10. Guns of steel and washboard abs
Men’s Fitness website has information on losing weight, getting fit and healthy eating, all provided by experts in the field with a focus on men.