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YOURLifeChoices Mental health page aims at providing the most up-to-date information on a range of topics effecting Australia’s ageing population. Mental health affects an individual’s ability to enjoy life. Depression affects many Australian families, and can go unnoticed by friends and family, resulting in alcohol and drug abuse, or even suicide. While there are treatments and medications for Depression, there is currently no treatment for Dementia patients, only stimulation exercises and healthy suggestions to prevent the onset of this disease.


Ten best mental health websites

Mental Health AustraliaBeyond Blue
Beyond Blue is arguably the best-known Australian organisation which deals with depression, anxiety and related disorders. Its website is a fantastic resource and includes information such as symptom checklists, the latest research and how you can locate support services.

Fighting dementia
Alzheimer’s Australia provides support and resources for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and the people who care for them. The information contained on the website can help you to determine if memory-loss is a symptom of simply getting a little older or if there is something which needs to be addressed by your GP. Links are provided to state and territory offices to help you locate services in your area.

Black Dog Institute
This site contains a wealth of information about depression and bipolar disorder. You can do a self-test, find out when the latest events are and also search the comprehensive guide on how to get help.

Mind your Mind
The best way to deal with dementia is to remain healthy and keep your brain active. Mind your Mind highlights a series of seven signposts including eating, exercise, social life and health checks which all help to maintain a fit and active brain. There is also a BrainyApp for the iPhone and iPad for those who wish to keep their minds active on the go.

SANE Australia was founded in 1986 and is a national charity which “conducts innovative programs and campaigns to improve the lives of people living with mental illness, their family and friends”. Its website is full of useful resources and includes details of the SANE Helpline which gives callers specific information and refers them to relevant support agencies.

Brain Metrix
Most of us know how to exercise our bodies and make them healthy but do we exercise our brains enough? This site offers a variety of ways to train your brain and keep it sharp. You can even complete an IQ test.

This site provides a lot of detailed information about depression and its different forms. For example, there are articles on Depression in Older People, Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression in Childhood and Adolescence.

Relationships Australia
When someone is suffering from a mental illness it can be very tough on their relationships with friends and family. Relationships Australia offers support services to enhance human and family relationships.

Australian Men’s Shed Association
This is a unique approach to dealing with men’s health in Australia. Acknowledging that men are less likely to talk about their problems than women are, this organisation aims to bring men together and encourage them engage in an environment they are comfortable in… a shed.

YOURLifeChoices Games
It’s important to keep your mind sharp and on our games page you can do that while also having fun. YOURLifeChoices has a range of games available, including crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, Mahjong, solitaire and trivia.

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Brain Training

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Brain training

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