Are you anxious?

Anxiety can come in many forms; from a feeling of uncomfortableness to full on panic attacks. If you’re one of the 32 per cent of women who have experienced, or are experiencing anxiety, then Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has a new resource which can help you better understand the issue and how you can seek help.

By examining the different levels of anxiety, through different life stages, the new website launched last week, Jean Hailes aims to help women take control of their anxiety and stop it from becoming more restrictive and ruling their lives.

A simple self-assessment tool will enable women to decide if they are just going through a particularly busy and worrisome period in their lives or if they need professional help to combat an anxiety disorder. Simple exercises and coping mechanism help reduce anxiety into something which can be managed with the correct support. With videos and podcasts on assessing and dealing with the issue, how you manage your anxiety is your choice and the toolbox will assist with practical advice.

If you, or a woman close to you, is struggling with worry, anxiety or an anxiety disorder, then take the time to navigate around the website until you find the information and support you need.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart