Brain Training

Best apps for an active brain

Why not give your brain a workout with these free brain game apps?

Exercising for brain function

Exercising helps your brain health and function in a number of ways.

How education improves memory

Education appears to protect older adults, especially women, against memory loss.

Things to do when stuck at home

Retirees are usually an active bunch, so what are you going to do with all that extra time at

The best exercise for your brain

Scientists find that ‘changing it up' is the type of training that is ideal for your brain.

Making bad memories ‘safe’

You can't 'erase' bad memories, but you can learn ways to cope with them.

Hobbies that boost the brain

Here are three things you can do to enhance your brain power while also having fun.

Top tactics for a better memory

Want to know the best tactics for remembering names and other information?

Seven ways to train your brain

Try these seven activities each day and your brain will thank you.

Five tips to improve your memory

Here are five great ways to improve your power of retention.

Hobbies that make you smarter

You can become smarter during your downtime with these hobbies.

Maintaining a healthy brain

Simple steps that will help you look after your brain.

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