Dementia resource

Living with dementia is hard on those who suffer from it and those who care for them. A Government resource is aimed at helping sufferers and carers improve their quality of life.

The Dementia Resource Guide provides links to resources covering 17 topics, including assessment and diagnosis, medical treatment and support services. The guide will provides information for sufferers, carers and families, volunteers and staff providing care and support.

The guide was developed by a research team at the National Ageing Research Institute, with funding through the Australian Government via the Dementia Initiative. The funding is part of the $320 million committed by the Australian Government for dementia research and support over the next five years.

There are 200,000 Australians affected by dementia and with the country’s ageing population, this is expected to more than double over the next 20 years. In putting together a list of the best resources available, over 700 were reviewed by the research team.

Download The Dementia Resource Guide.

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