Depression – who can help?

There are many organisations which can provide information and support for those suffering from depression but often it’s the case of finding the right person to open up to.

beyondblue is a truly national depression organisation that aims to provide an Australia-wide focus on the issue of depression. By using community leadership to respond effectively to those suffering from depression, the organisation’s aim is to help prevent depression and remove the stigma of seeking help for the condition. The site has information and links to resources and related organisations.
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BluePages is a specialised website search engine which allows searches over a large number of Australian and international depression sites as well as the BluePages site itself.
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depressioNet provides a comprehensive resource for Australians with depression, and those who support them. Providing information, help and support, the dNet team are from a variety of backgrounds and who have had personal experiences with depression. Click the link to find out more.

MoodGYM is an interactive site which aims to help you identify and overcome problem emotions and show you how to develop good coping skills for the future so you can enjoy good mental health.
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