Nine sure-fire strategies to maintain a thicker mane of hair

Your hair may get thinner as you age, but there’s still a lot you can do to keep it healthy.

Man touches his hair concerned with hair loss

Your hair may get thinner as you age, but there’s still a lot you can do to keep it healthy. And it doesn’t have to look thin either. Here are some strategies for guys and girls that will help you maintain healthy hair and make it look thicker.

1. Thickening shampoo
There are many shampoos that claim to make your hair look thicker, but only those that contain ketoconazole will actually do the trick. If you can’t find one with this ingredient, look for formulas that are enriched with vitamins E and B5, zinc, iron, and copper, as they will help to increase keratin, which is the building block of hair. Be sparing with your conditioner too, as it can have a tendency to make hair look limp and thin.

2. Use your fingers
Throw out your comb and try styling your hair with your fingers. It will add volume and texture to your hair and will be less likely to break your precious strands. Ceramic barrel brushes are another alternative to combing which, when coupled with an ionic dryer that emits pure negative ions, can add body and provide smooth, frizz-free results.

3. Don’t be hot headed
Heat is a major no-no when it comes to looking after your hair. So wear a hat when you’re in the sun and if you use a hair-dryer (which is great for giving fine hair more volume) try using it on a lower heat. High heat can cause hair to become brittle and fragile, and also causes your scalp to produce a compound called superoxide, which makes your hair think it’s time to shed instead of grow.

4. Dry naturally
Even better for your hair is to allow it to dry naturally. Your hair is three times weaker when it’s wet, so it’s more likely to break during excessive drying with a towel or brushing.

5. Stop smoking
Chemicals in cigarette smoke increase hormones in your body that can lead to hair loss. Smoking also reduces blood supply to your scalp, which can starve your hair of the vital nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy.

6. Short cuts
Shorter hair looks thicker and is also much easier to maintain. The less length you have in your hair means the nutrients can do a better job of keeping it healthy.

7. Live the highlight
A few highlights can add dimension to your locks, which creates the illusion of fuller hair instead of flat tones. There’s also a theory that bleach expands individual hair strands, but too much bleach is not great for your scalp and hair, so do so sparingly. 

8. Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo has been used since the late 15th century as a quick and easy way to dry and clean hair. The product has come a long way since then and is hailed as a miracle of the beauty world. Spraying a little on your roots and massaging into your scalp can give your hair a bit of added volume.

9. Keep it healthy
The best way to thicker hair is by not damaging it. Caring for your hair means cleaning but not over-washing, no more ironing it straight, no super-hot blow-drying, keeping the styling product to a minimum and eating healthily. A good rule of thumb is: if you’re not going out, let it all hang out. In other words, if you don’t have to do anything to your hair, just leave it natural and your locks will thank you for it.

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    22nd Jul 2016
    Baby shampoo - no conditioner - towel off most of the water - apply a bead of Brylcreem spread over your hands - use a wide tooth comb or gentle brush. That process protects the keratin and leaves your scalp clean, your hair shiny and as full bodied as it can be with what you have.
    22nd Jul 2016
    Meant to say as well - it's one of the best ways to protect the cystine bonds that hold each and every single hair together. It is also the way that the hair product manufacturers don't want you to know about. It will cost you a bottle of baby shampoo (not the one with the conditioner in it) and a small tub of Brylcreem to try it.
    22nd Jul 2016
    Thanks for that tip, Scrivener. Don't know about the Brylcreem though.
    22nd Jul 2016
    I am 78 years male have always had very thick hair more so now I am using every day leave in conditioner. After a hair cut grows very quick, no thinning I always use the same shampoo and conditioner. As a young teen always used brylcreen
    22nd Jul 2016
    They still manufacture Brylcreem? Gosh! Last I used that was 53 years ago.
    22nd Jul 2016
    If you use conditioner you are covering every strand of hair with a scum - and it is absorbed into the skin over time. Yes conditioner coats the hair, but it stops it from performing its normal process of growth - keratin is the same stuff as your finger-nails. Hair needs to be exposed to the air, particularly around the roots where it is growing - conditioner forms a seal at the conjunction of the emerging hair and the scalp. A tiny dab of Brylcreem is just enough to give a healthy level of protection to the hair with no scum to coat the scalp, and it easily washes off the hair when you next shampoo. Baby shampoo does not contain laureates and other organic and inorganic compounds.
    23rd Jul 2016
    Last I heard ,and read on the label, a number of years ago, Johnson's baby shampoo DOES contain Sodium Lauryl sulphate, and I believe Polyethylene Glycol (PEG ), both of which are bad for your skin, your health, and particularly your DNA. SLS is used in solvents for cleaning grease covered tools in a workshop, garage floor cleaners, some paint thinners to name a few, and so would you put that on your baby's head apart from your own
    Golden Oldie
    22nd Jul 2016
    Where can you buy Brylcream? I haven't seen it in the shops for decades.
    Ted Wards
    27th Jul 2016
    Your hair will only be as healthy as your diet and lifestyle choices. Also the amount of water you drink affects you hair as well. Most people do not drink enough water everyday and this tends to dry your hair or make it more oily depending on your skin type. Shampoos and conditioners are modern marketing tools. Generations used plain soap which helped enormously!
    micky d.
    24th Nov 2017
    Now for something different.
    Have you noticed the luxuriant glossy hair of Indian people ?
    Apart from the billion plus Indians living on the SubContinent and their wide distribution across the planet calls for the very extensive use (male and female) of pure, totally natural coconut oil.
    The edible, FRAGRANCE REDUCED, jar found at Coles supermarket (or any other, at a a guess) in their health foods section at about $5 will do the trick. Or at any Indian grocery store....similarly priced "Parachute".
    Ask any Indian lady or man.
    If, somehow, you're not satisfied with the results you can always use the rest of the oil for cooking. When ingested it's healthy and is reputedly (?) good for Alzheimers.

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