Tips to prepare for allergy season

Natural remedies for hay fever and ways to ready your home for spring.

allergy season

Out of a long cold winter comes the glory of spring, and along with the warmer weather come the irritating springtime fevers. These tips will help you prepare for the sneezin’ season.

One in five Australians experience hayfever each year – also known as allergic rhinitis. Hayfever symptoms are caused by an excess of pollen particles produced by trees, flowers and grass, which are carried in the air and penetrate the airways. Common symptoms include a runny nose, nasal congestion and watery and itchy eyes, throat and ears.

Natural remedies for hayfever

Many people are quick to reach for antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops, but there is also a number of natural remedies that are great for boosting the immune system and alleviating symptoms.

  • Garlic: a natural antihistamine with potent antibiotic properties and is easy to use in cooking.
  • Ginger: a great anti-inflammatory that can help relieve swelling symptoms in the nose. Try using it in cooking or adding to juice or hot water with lemon.
  • Probiotics: contains beneficial bacteria that helps boost the immune system and help to restore balance to the gut bacteria, making you less susceptible to allergies. Try eating pickled vegetables, sauerkraut and miso.
  • Vitamin A: helps to promote good immune function and reduce inflammation. Go for carrots, pumpkins and leafy greens to get your vitamin A fix.
  • Vitamin C: assists in supporting immune function and inflammation, and also works as an antihistamine. Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, red capsicum and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Preparing for spring

You can also try taking these precautions to get yourself and your home ready for spring:

  • avoid smoky environments, insect sprays, household chemicals and wearing perfumes
  • make efforts to allergy-proof your home by cleaning dusty carpets, bedding and furniture and removing mold from the kitchen and bathroom
  • avoid exposure during peak pollen-release periods (doctors recommend staying indoors between 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6pm)
  • shower soon after being outside during peak pollen-release periods.



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    23rd Sep 2016
    One of the worst and most prevalent allergies in this country is of some people to work, and the only remedy for it is a "Florsheim enema".
    12th Oct 2016
    Boy am I glad I suffer from Nothing ! :-) I can eat what I like, When I like !! :-) :-)
    23rd Sep 2016
    Medical research is starting to query the taking of Probiotics. Scientists have discovered that there are millions of different kind of good bacteria. So by taking 2 or 3 or so in a probiotic, you may unbalance the good bacteria you already have. Especially if your gut bacteria is already unbalanced by antibiotics or drugs. Also genetically different people seem to need different gut bacteria to others.
    29th Sep 2017
    It is the antibiotics that kill your good bacteria, so you need to replenish them. Where is the medical research and who is paying for it? I would not be surprised if it was pharmaceutical companies, they don't want you to get well.
    29th Sep 2017
    You have a Nasty Doubting View on Pharmaceutical Company's !!
    Just like Me !! :-) :-)
    23rd Sep 2016
    Yeah, you should pretty much ignore these natural remedies.

    "Natural" is a meaningless marketing term - in fact it is much more like to indicate a bogus remedy with no evidence to support it.

    If your immune system is compromised you will know about it as you will have serious symptoms, but you can't "boost" it.

    Even if you could, it would be a bad idea - an over-enthusiastic immune system is pretty much the definition of auto-immune disease.
    23rd Sep 2016
    Nothing like a good dose of chemicals to cure a malady..
    23rd Sep 2016
    Everything is "chemicals" in the same way that everything is "natural".

    Neither say anything about whether they actually work or not.
    23rd Sep 2016
    Luck of the draw. Go for broke.
    10th Oct 2016
    Na the probiotic i got is great better than the inner health plus, even but i won't say inner health plus is bad for you too i think best not to over do it either.
    But certainly in this day and age we do need a probiotic, i mean with progress happening in every area lately, ITs really been making me sick.
    I think our late farmers have already put WAY too many chemicals in the soils already. and now in the area around where i live, they are digging up the soils to build more houses, and i have never been so sick ever in my live. Even the Inner Health plus couldn't help my gut. I got so many infections, my face became life and unlevel dirt highway, and nothing would clear up. Until i changed probiotic, and left town periodically, in an endeavour to find fresh air. that helped. And they call this progress. I"M NOT impressed really. and they do work. depending on how much pollution you have sucked in, and how low your immune system is i guess, and your age, and depends on how many antibiotics you have sucked in trying to save yourself. ITs a vicious cycle :( and they call that living Unbelievable
    12th Oct 2016
    Ay yes, probiotics.

    Here's a good article that explains how they are most likely expensive placebos.

    Be careful of people who want to sell you magic cures, especially if they are unregulated supplements like this. They don't have to show evidence it works, the contents are unreliable and sometimes there is nothing at all in the bottle.
    23rd Sep 2016
    I just Suffered a SEVERE Allergic Reaction to the Federal Government !! I know there's no cure ! :-(
    Will I now take up Cheap Cardboard Grog to dull the pain :-) :-)
    29th Sep 2017
    Long time sufferer, big nose that had a design fault and wasn't provided with an equivalent filtering system.
    But, that's in the past, I find that using the "FLO" system to be outstanding. It's entirely chemical free and works a treat, you just have to get used to flushing out your nasal passages, which is very simple, and that takes out all the junk that is in the air and lodged in your sinuses. All the other suggestions are great complements also.Talk to your Chemist and be very happy with the result.
    29th Sep 2017
    So doctors recommend staying indoors between 7 am and 9 am and 4 pm and 6 pm. Who are these mazing doctors who get to work before 7 am and leave after 6 pm? Physician heal thy self!
    29th Sep 2017
    Knock ! Knock !!
    "Who's there ? "
    "Arch !"
    "Arch who ? "
    "Bless You !!"
    29th Sep 2017
    Not all probiotic's are the same but there are some really good ones available, it is trial and error to find one that works, but I prefer to use kefir. I also take Olive Leaf Extract daily.
    29th Sep 2017
    I thought Kefir was someone who didn't believe in Allah ?? :-)

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