Missing mineral that explains why you are ageing faster

The fruit and vegies your parents ate may have kept them feeling younger

Follow these tips to preserve your eyesight

Macular degeneration causes half of all cases of legal blindness.

How sitting can help to improve your backache

You can drive or sit for long hours and avoid backache - if you follow these rules.

Prevention is Better

Having trouble finding a doctor or specialist. The new Health Engine may be able to hel

Older adults at increasing risk of sexually transmitted diseases

An unwillingness to talk about older people having sex leads to infection explosion.

Ban these fats to save lives and money, say experts

These fats are banned elsewhere, but Australians are left unprotected.

Should I take vitamin D?

Are you getting enough of the sunshine vitamin?

Common sunscreen mistakes to avoid this summer

Protect your skin and avoid painful sunburn

Seven ways to lower your risk of oral cancer

How to lower your risk of developing one of Australia's most common cancers.

Explaining earthing and how it can enrich your life

Everything you need to know about the back-to-nature wellness trend.

10 health benefits of drinking only water

What would happen if you replaced all drinks with water?

Cut back on alcohol to look after your liver

Drunk too much alcohol recently? Now's a good time to give your liver a break.

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