Lifestyle factors that influence bone health

Keep your bones strong.

Stay independent for longer with this app

Online exercise program found to prevent falls in older people by up to 20 per cent.

What is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Can you reverse it?

Did you know that almost one million Australians have osteoporosis?

How to make your feet feel and look their best

Even small issues such as dry skin, not drying your toes correctly or cutting them the wrong way

Why vitamin D is vital for bones

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones but it also plays many other important roles in the

Is exercise as good as medicine?

The answer to that question is a resounding 'yes - it can be!'

Better balance equals fewer falls

So, it may seem obvious that having better balance may lead to fewer falls, but the key to

Early detection test hype may be harming the healthy

Testing the healthy can too often wrongly classify them as sick.

How to find and exercise your pelvic floor muscles

It's not just an issue for women.

Cancer symptoms you should never ignore, according to specialists

Look out for these early cancer warning signs.

How magnesium stalls ageing

The fruit and vegies your parents ate may have kept them feeling younger

Tips to preserve your eyesight

Macular degeneration causes half of all cases of legal blindness.

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