Cut back on alcohol to look after your liver

Drunk too much alcohol recently? Now's a good time to give your liver a break.

Ischaemic heart disease Australia’s top killer, but dementia close behind

Deaths caused by dementia have increased by 67 per cent over the past decade.

Expert tips to keep your feet healthy and pain free

The average pair of feet will walk around 220,000,000 steps over a lifetime.

Relieve allergy symptoms naturally

Spring is on its way - and so is allergy season.

Never too late to tackle disease that often goes undetected

Free online tool can help you avoid this ‘silent disease'.

How to spot vein and artery problems

Keeping an eye out for these conditions could save your life.

How safe is the air quality in your home?

Air pollution inside some homes is 10 times worse than outside.

How to understand the Health Star Rating on your food

It's designed to make eating healthier, easier.

Flu and pneumonia vaccinations linked to reduced Alzheimer’s risk

Flu and pneumonia vaccinations dramatically reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Gut condition linked to six-fold increase in risk of Alzheimer’s

Those with IBD six times more likely to develop Alzheimer's than those without.

How you can minimise allergens in your home

Dust, pollen and mould can trigger allergy symptoms indoors.

Surprising ways you might be harming your immune system

These seven habits could make fighting off colds and flu even harder.

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