Stop computer screens destroying your eyesight

Working for just two hours on a laptop can cause a significant increase in eye pain and vision

Busting prostate cancer myths

Three common prostate cancer myths and their scientifically-based rebuttals

Find a doctor

One thing that may stop people with certain conditions from travelling is being unable to find

Oh… And by the way Doc…

Erectile disorder could be a symptom of a heart problem that needs to be taken very seriously

Beating the osteoporosis stats

Strengthen bones through exercise and increased calcium intake to help prevent osteoporosis.

Get dancing to prevent broken bones

Are you looking to improve your balance and reduce the likelihood of falls?

Bowel habits – what’s normal and what’s not

Bowel habits vary between people, and can change with time.

Save a life

Keeping calm under pressure is the first requirement if you are to help save a life, but if

Pneumonia vaccinations

A particularly severe strain of pneumonia has been infecting Australians

Safer sex and the baby boomer generation

Women in their 50s, 60s and above are particularly vulnerable to sexually transmissible infections.

Diet and exercise could prevent cancer

The Medical Journal of Australia has found that a quarter of cancers could be prevented by

Diabetes risk too great to ignore

Learn more about diabetes. That's the advice of a Melbourne man who, until a year ago, was at

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