There are many health-related apps available to you. So what makes iHealth different? Discover how

Future fit – Getting started

You've finally got some time for yourself and you want to get fit. But for the first time in

Future fit – Assessing your current health and fitness

Before you can start exercising, you need to assess where you're at.

Future Fit – Design your own exercise regime

You've assessed your health with the aid of the PAR-Q and now you're ready to start an exercise regime.

Future fit - General health concerns

Before starting any regime you must take into consideration your overall level of fitness and

Active Apps

Rachel has been surfing the App store for some health and fitness apps, and her thumbs look slimmer

Demystifying prostate cancer

One in every 11 men will develop prostate cancer by the age of 70. What if it's you? It can

Triple Zero Kids Challenge

An initiative of the Australian Government, the Triple Zero Kids Challenge uses interactive games

PBS to fund nicotine patches

Good news for smokers who want to give up but can’t afford the expense of the nicotine patches

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