Calcium doubles risk of death

Women with diets very high in calcium are more than twice as likely to die as those women with a mid-range calcium intake. Those taking supplements are at an even higher risk of death.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have undertaken a study of 61,443 Swedish Women, born between 1941 and 1948, over a period of approximately 19 years. The study was to test the association between calcium supplements and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

In the study a woman’s total calcium intake included supplemental calcium. Information was obtained from women on menopausal status, hormone replacement therapy, weight, height, smoking habits, physical activity and education level.

Over the 19-year period 17 per cent of the women died. Thirty-two per cent died from cardiovascular disease, 16 per cent from heart disease and 8 per cent from stroke. The highest rates of death overall, as well as death caused by cardiovascular and heart disease, were observed in those who had a dietary calcium intake higher than 1400mg per day. There were also higher death rates in women with an intake below 600mg per day.

Women who took more than 1400mg per day, who also used supplements, had a higher death rate than those not taking supplements. All women with a calcium intake of more than 1500mg per day were more than twice as likely to die than women with an intake of 600–900mg per day.

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