Lower the risk of prostate cancer

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Prostate cancer accounts for 30 per cent of all new cancers in Australian men and this year alone more than 20,000 men are expected to be diagnosed. It is the second most common cancer in men, both in Australia and worldwide.

Recent research at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford suggests that the risk of developing prostate cancer is lowered by 18 per cent in men who consume more than 10 weekly portions of tomatoes and its products, such as tomato juice and baked beans. Researchers studied the diets and lifestyle of 1806 male subjects with prostate cancer in the 50 to 69 year age group, and compared them with 12,005 cancer-free men to ascertain whether following specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations would reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

This is the first study of its kind where a ‘dietary index’ has been developed consisting of selenium, calcium and foods rich in lycopene, which have been found to lower the risk of prostate cancer when included in a man’s diet. The lycopene found in tomatoes contains an antioxidant which fights off toxins that can cause DNA and cell damage.

Lead researcher from the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol and Bristol Nutrition BRU, Vanessa Er has said: “Our findings suggest that tomatoes may be important in prostate cancer prevention. However, further studies need to be conducted to confirm our findings, especially through human trials. Men should still eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, maintain a healthy weight and stay active.”

Find out more at ScienceDaily.com.

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Written by Andrea


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    I understood that the tomatoes need to be cooked (tinned, baked beans etc). My husband waspretty much a vegetarian, ran marathons and was the desired weight and BMI – still got Prostate Cancer!

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      I am kind of thinking that diet is (in the future) is going to come out as the prime culprit. But as with all things this is not going to happen tomorrow. Maybe there will be advantages to living in 200 years time.

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      NO, not tomatoes, they are low in lycopenes. The answer is tomato sauce or ketchup
      which is loaded with lycopenes.

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    Yes my understanding was that they had to be cooked.

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    The number of comments suggests the importance of this killer of men. Whilst breast and cervical cancer gets media coverage once a fortnight it is rare to see stories run on prostrate cancer on the commercial stations. Well I guess women hold all of the key positions so perhaps not unexpected.
    Blokes are so ‘she’ll be right’. Our own worst enemy maybe.

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    myself and my two brothers grew up on spaghetti sauces and cooked tomatoes and we all have had prostate cancer

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    Away with your tommies and all that rot. Tis the old wombat diet for me. It has been proven to be the best of all. The wombat eats, roots, and leaves.

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    Many people look to red fruits and vegetables to prevent or slow down various cancers. Prostate health is so important for men. If you go to your GP he will probably insist on a check if you are over 55. Just do it!!!

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    Yes checks for men’s prostrate cancer is extremely important (same as women’s checks for cancer) because often cancer can be caught in the ‘early stages’ & ‘nipped in the bud’! A really ‘positive attitude’ towards this negativity is a must! Remain ‘positive’ no matter what! Believe me. this helps ‘big time’, having ‘been there’ 3 times myself. To avoid all cancers (cell changes) , don’t allow things/life get you down -remain ‘positive’ no matter what & this, apart from anything else, will extend this mortal life, as you know it! & hence, onto the ‘next life’!



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