Your hearing and divorce

New research has revealed that divorce rates are higher between people with some level of hearing damage than those who still have normal hearing, leading researchers to conclude that the two are intimately connected.

Couples may feel frustrated from being misunderstood during simple conversations, especially as the strain of repeating oneself reaches intolerable levels after several months or years. Indeed, a recent study revealed that a third of respondents had experienced heated arguments with a partner or within the family, due to their inability to hear properly. Consequently, those with impaired hearing can often become agitated and isolated from partners, family members and work colleagues.

As many of you will know, communication is the key to a successful relationship. While there is a distinction between hearing and actually listening, a lack of hearing will understandably hinder the best communication. Feelings projected with the tone of your voice will also be missed, causing misunderstandings which can affect the emotional capacity of your relationship.

There is no reason to keep your hearing loss a secret, or to leave it untreated. The divisions caused by resentment and hurtful feelings brought about by a hearing loss can easily be repaired. Hearing aidshave salvaged many relationships by improving interpersonal communication and drawing couples closer.

When you can have that intimate conversation where your loved ones feel like they are being heard, you won’t believe the changes that come about. Don’t let hearing loss take away the closeness and intimacy that good communication can bring to you and those you love.