Seven secrets of people who never get sick

Seven secrets of people who don’t get sick.

Healthy older couple walk arm in arm through sand dunes

Do you ever wonder why you catch a cold each year but your friends remain unscathed? Well, there are some secrets to not getting sick. Here are seven of them.

1. Mind over matter
The mind is a powerful weapon against getting sick. There are many theories as to how the mind can help prevent sickness and, in some cases, even promote healing. One such theory is that every feeling, thought and emotion creates a molecule called a neuropeptide. These travel through your body and are converted into chemicals that let your body know if it should be happy or sad, depending on your state of mind. These same molecules, in theory, could be responsible for telling your body it’s sick. So if you think ‘healthy’ you may just improve your chances of staying healthy.

2. Stress less
Sure, it sounds easy. Stress is proven to weaken your immune system and, as we all know, a strong immune system means you’re less likely to fall ill. So practice your anti-stress techniques, such as exercise, meditation, yoga or giving yourself positive affirmations, and get a handle on stress. Massage is another very effective way to minimise stress – it reduces anxiety, blood pressure and your heart rate – all symptoms of high stress.

3. Eat a healthy, varied diet
Forget the fad diets. Instead, eat a wide variety of healthy foods, to ensure that you get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to stay healthy. Build your meals around vegetables instead of meat, with a focus on non-starchy veggies, such as asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms. Make sure you add plenty of fruit to your diet too. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that are essential for maintaining a strong immune system.

Green tea is also high in antioxidants and can also increase your regulatory T-cells, which are an important type of immune cell. And try to include foods such as yoghurt with live, active cultures, and fermented foods that contain probiotics that look after your gut bacteria.

4. Aim for more sexy times
People who have sex more often are less likely to fall ill, according to research from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. Sex increases your levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is an important immune system protein.

5. Wash your hands
One of the most common ways for people to get sick is through touch. Your hands are home to a barrage of bacteria and when you touch your face, mouth, eyes and nose – which we all do an estimated 16 times per hour – these bacteria pass from external to internal and make you sick. The best way to sort this is not with antibacterial hand sanitiser, as many would believe, but by thoroughly and regularly washing your hands. So get your digits under warm water and wash with soap for at least 20 seconds, then dry completely. If you can’t find your way to a basin, then the antibacterial wipes or hand sanitiser will do the trick in the meantime, but look for sanitisers with at least 60 per cent alcohol.

6. Sleep it off
When you feel yourself coming down with something, or you just don’t feel yourself, it may be time to power down. There’s no point pushing through illness when the best way to combat it is with rest. Research shows that people who sleep for five to six hours are four times as likely to catch a cold or other virus compared to those who get more than seven hours each night.

7. Other cold killers
At the first sign of cold, you should increase your water intake, pop some vitamin C or find yourself a zinc supplement. However, if you’re following a healthy eating plan, you’ll most likely have this covered. But then, if that were the case, you’ll probably have no need to read this article!

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    14th Jul 2016
    This article has left out the main preventative, the flu vaccine.
    Old Geezer
    14th Jul 2016
    Now that one is definitely is mind over matter.
    14th Jul 2016
    And hand washing - with soap and water for at least 2 minutes - is a great germ remover. A 2 second swish under a running tap does nothing.
    19th Aug 2016
    Never had a Flue Shot in my life !! :-)
    And I never poke Imported Foreign Objects in my Gob ! :-)
    What's a Doctor ?? :-)
    14th Jul 2016
    Pretty much all of these "secrets" have no foundation in evidence at all.

    Apart from the general advice about eating a varied diet and washing your hands, vitamin C, zinc supplements, antioxidants and so on have no proven effect other than transferring money from your pocket to supplement manufacturers.

    Here's a good litmus test: any article that cites uber-fruitcake Deepack Chopra as a reference is likely to be deeply flawed.
    15th Jul 2016
    Prior to a recent operation, my wife was told by her doctor to keep a positive outlook. Works wonders he said.
    14th Jul 2016
    Point 1 is the critical one - and once more truly works!
    You can stop headaches etc.Suggest you check your local library for any books by Jose da Silva. I picked up my first for 50c at a throw out sale back in the 1970s. The title caught my eye.
    If you Google da Silva, there are a bundle of sites offering videos etc (at a price). Have never bothered with them. You can't go past the books.
    Get a book; try it; then comment.
    14th Jul 2016
    Ah, yes, there's always a book... or a video...

    Unfortunately trying it would not be evidence that it actually did anything. That's how these things work: I buy the book, I have a vested interest in the outcome, I have a symptom that will likely go away anyway, I try the technique, bingo! it's gone. Selection Bias does the rest.

    That's why we invented science.

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool." -- Richard Feynman
    2nd Nov 2017
    ianjs, the positive outcomes from the placebo effect are equal for alternative medicine as well as for allopathic medicine.

    Mind over matter is a very useful tool, whatever type of medic/healer takes your money.

    Best to meditate at home and fool yourself into good health, plus you'll avoid all those germs swarming around the Doctors' and hospitals.
    14th Jul 2016
    Definitely sex is a great ingredient for healthy body and mind .... Trust me I am a practitioner.

    Of Course it must be combined with a peaceful and friendly relation couple with a good meal with no fats and lots of veggies (Fresh from the market not frozen) Frozen may be ok sometimes but not often even if the gurus telling us that frozen is ok and nutritions well fresh is better in my book AND NO DRINKING AT ALL Only very small of red wine a day before go to bed after a meal (Also help your relaxation when sleep) and of course at least 71/2 to 8 Hr sleep (I do sometimes 10Hrs no worries and wake up like a rocket).

    Relax and do not worry about Money or your super or anything that will annoy your peace.
    What is the point to have a lot of super, properties and more and more while you will get sick and bloody die with your millions shit ....that is stupid living.

    I sold everything pay my duties and free myself from any financial commitments and only have my pension and work until my 70's now I have nothing but healthy and happy.

    Something for you to think about it .... How old are you and how many more years of life you have and how can you make the most of those years left you have ???? Think maybe a change or a challenge like PO out into the world for a while and live in another country just for fun for a few years meet new people have new lovers etc etc etc .... THAT IS LIFE ....sitting watching TV is not a life is dying slowly ....

    GO GO GO DO NOT STOP Not matter how old you are DANCE Walk or go with your walker somewhere maybe a cruise if you can afford .....

    Forget about the vaccine I haven't got the vaccine for years .....

    But of course the 4 Amigos will definitely object to my comments as expected he he he he

    ...................................LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE ..................................
    ............................ Trust me I am a Doctor he he he he........................
    14th Jul 2016
    Never had a Flue Shot and Never had the Flue !! :-) All my neighbours had the Flue Shots Yearly and they have ?? Well !! Maybe something else but they all get Crook !! :-( :-(
    14th Jul 2016
    particolor ...same here mate we must be from a very good quality families ... Yes all the people around me when in Sydney gets sick not me always around kicking he he he
    15th Jul 2016
    Genetics play a part as well, we aren't all the same.
    15th Jul 2016
    Dunno what it is but a neighbour just left here as sick as a Pooch !! And he had the Shots !! Ill take him to the Vet Later !! :-( :-(
    15th Jul 2016
    Well must be my strong scottish ancestors that left a good DNA on me he he he he
    2nd Nov 2017
    Here I am back for the Second Time today !! :-) I was 3/4 of the way through a reply here when the State of the Art Australian Internet decided to QUIT for 5 Minutes !! :-( :-( And yer know what ?? I'm that annoyed now I cant be bothered typing it again !! :-( :-(
    15th Jul 2016
    I believe lots of these folks end up in the cemetery, but not walking around on top.
    16th Jul 2016
    I do take 1 T/sp. of high Vit C every night a probiotic every morn. & plenty of vegies - Dr. says I'm very healthy , I think some of it I am Genetically blessed health wise, over 70. I;m not having flu vaccine this year . I'm not happy with it .
    16th Jul 2016
    I have been reading about Avocados because I am eating at least 2 x day here in Overseas are very very cheap.

    I found some recipes from PERU here ...

    Have a look here ...

    This is a good site to be informed .....

    Avocados help you with Blood pressure
    Reduce Cholesterol almost immediately
    Assist with control the Prostate
    Assist in Cancer control
    Good for your eyes etc etc etc

    Great and nice taste I eat at least one or two a day I squeezed lime and sometimes mixed with some greens onions and masrooms and virgin olive oil.
    Excellent for a good breakfast with a toast ....yummmmmm
    19th Jul 2016
    I am very particular about hand washing and also keeping tea towels for wiping up NOT wiping hands I have special hand towels for that -- and wash tea towels hand towels and dish clothes many times a day --( I have stack of clean ones on hand) when I am out I have wet wipes and also that sanitizer -- also b4 I touch my steering wheel when finished shopping -- and my phone is wiped over when I get home with antiseptic wipes too, over the top, maybe but I do not often get colds.
    19th Jul 2016
    Good looks that you look after yourself and that is critical on our beautiful old age.

    Well probably if you visit some Asian countries where there are not dishwashers and they wash all plates pots etc with No potable water full of bacteria that if you have a drink of the water we will finish on the toilet for 2 days he he he he.

    In Asian countries there is very little understanding about bacteria for example I have seen cooked rice left outside overnight and be just warm up in the morning and eat .....on countries with 35/40 degrees heat.

    When I am in any Asian country I only drink bottle of water, never eat uncooked things at all, especially vegetables like we do in Australia that we just wash them and eat them ....Hell no way in Asian countries only fully cook meals except sushi and only on reputable restaurant but is too expensive.

    Good own you mate keep the good work be healthy is important eat fresh and healthy you live for a long time
    20th Jul 2016
    I would not go to any Asian country because of the unsanitary conditions AND the fact that they are very cruel to Animals
    15th Oct 2016
    Some large ships have numerous hand sanitazer points throughout the ship in passaeways etc
    I am naturally always a light sleeper so that would be one of my big issues. Other than sleeping tablets, any suggestions please?? Eating healthy is a good start. Also make sure you don't forget to take definitely routine prescribed medication when you should and carry some spare in case of an emergency. You don't want to have to get some on board or at a strange place.
    Yer man
    1st Jun 2017
    Have never had a 'flu jag but having come off my last two cruises with a nasty 'flu I wonder just what cruise companies are doing to prevent such bouts as they seem to be common especially with permanently Australian based companies. Maybe spending money on their air conditioners would help. Yes you would think that sanitised stations would help but not all companies have staff there to remind you to use them. Seems all too familiar with up to 80/90% of passengers coming off cruises with illness.
    1st Jun 2017
    On our last Cruise all we came home with was our Left Over Bait !! :-( :-( :-(
    10th Nov 2017
    I am 71 years old and have never had the flu, mainly because I have never had the flu vaccine. Many of my friends have had the vaccine and then got the flu. Every morning I have a large glass of warm water with half a lemon
    10th Nov 2017
    Exactly the Same Here :-) :-)

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