Stop computer screens destroying your eyesight

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According to the USA based Vision Council most people are using their computers in ways which damage their eyes. The correct way to position yourself in front of the computer is known as “eye-gonomics”, and following these simple rules should help you to reduce eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes or blurred vision. Your setup should look something like this:

  1. Your computer monitor is the brightest light in the room
  2. The top of the monitor is at eye level or below
  3. The screen is not tilted
  4. You are facing the screen without twisting your body
  5. You are sitting one arm length away from the screen, as if you were about to high-five the monitor
  6. Your keyboard is placed so that your upper arms hang vertically
  7. Your feet are flat on the floor
  8. Your chair supports your spine and your body is upright

Once you have arranged your computer so that it is in the correct position, there are a few other tips you can follow to help reduce eyestrain.

  1. Clean your computer screen to reduce glare
  2. Purchase a pair of glare-reducing computer glasses (and wear them)
  3. Remember to blink
  4. Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look at what’s going on 20 feet away from you (this is known as a “20-20-20 break”)

Using a laptop for just two hours can cause a significant increase in eye pain and vision problems. Following these simple steps will help to reduce these negative effects, and could stop computer screens from destroying your eyes.

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