Foods for a healthy, happy vagina

The vagina diet: Foods for a healthy, happy vagina.

Womans hands holding heart against pelvic area

The vagina is a complex organ that is home to a large population of microorganisms. Getting the balance of these microorganisms right is essential for the health of your vagina, along with your overall health. What you eat plays a huge part in the growth of both harmful and healthy bacteria in your downstairs region. Here’s a list of foods to eat to keep your Lady-V healthy and happy.

Cranberry juice
Urinary tract infections (UTIs), caused by bad bacteria called E. coli in the urinary tract, affect around one in two Australian women. Cranberry juice is loaded with acidic compounds that help fight off this bad bacteria and help prevent future UTIs. Just make sure you go for the no-added-sugar varieties.

Full of its own special bacteria, live cultures and probiotics, yoghurt is basically a super food for vaginas, helping to keep the precious pH balance just right. If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, such as thrush (75 per cent of women have), then you’ll know the importance of the pH balance. Other sources of probiotics include pickles, kimchi, miso, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha tea.

Dark leafy greens
Keep itchiness and dryness at bay by including dark leafy greens, such as kale, spinach and turnip greens in your diet. These veggies are excellent sources of vitamins and help keep the vagina lubricated by improving circulation. Even better, dark leafy greens boost your immune system and protect against nasty infections.

Sweet potatoes
Loaded with vitamin A, these little gems help to keep the uterine walls healthy and strong. The vitamin A also helps produce the sex hormones the female body needs to stay energetic and vibrant. 

This miracle food is known for its antimicrobial benefits and helps to eliminate the onset and severity of yeast infections.

Dark chocolate
Is there anything chocolate can’t fix? The high level of antioxidants in dark chocolate benefits women’s overall sexual function by increasing desire. Eating just one square per day is said to improve arousal levels.

Almonds and pumpkin seeds
Rich in zinc, almonds and pumpkin seeds help regulate your hormones and menstrual cycle. Zinc can also boost your immune system and improve your overall mood. 

Do you know any other foods that are beneficial for vaginal health?



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    9th Dec 2016
    The next women's story. Blatant sexism at work.
    9th Dec 2016
    But it's all good for a laugh ...
    9th Dec 2016
    But its for you - not about you. :)
    Polly Esther
    9th Dec 2016
    Mick please, get over yourself or if possible find someone to love you, I agree it's a 'bum' article or close to it, but hey!! :-)
    Gone GIrl
    9th Dec 2016
    Cranberry was recently completely discounted as helpful for urinary tract infections in a large, well-structured study. And Mick, men get those too. I also won't object if O60s has a story on prostate troubles - hell, I might even know a few men it might be helpful to too (tongue firmly in cheek).
    9th Dec 2016
    "urinary tract infections in a large, well-structured study" ?...
    Well what about the urinary tract infections in a small, well- structured study?....Men and women have those too! :) :) :)

    9th Dec 2016
    these foods are healthy for the whole human body and all its organs. but they're mighty uncomfortable when shoved up the vagina.

    now now .... no naughty comments about carrots and zucchines.

    what a ridiculous article.
    9th Dec 2016
    or cucumbers.
    9th Dec 2016
    What about the penis diet?
    9th Dec 2016
    Tube steaks all around!
    9th Dec 2016
    You need to be told?? :-)
    Old Man
    9th Dec 2016
    Mine's been on a diet for years.....................
    9th Dec 2016
    Something to get your teeth into?
    9th Dec 2016
    I eat these things all the time .... IT WORKS!

    9th Dec 2016
    Is this photo trying to show us where a woman's heart is?
    9th Dec 2016
    If women's heart has slipped down to her vagina area, as shown in the photo, Einstein's theory of relativity suggests that women's brains have slipped down to the breast area at the same time, which explains why some women have bulky breasts and some have them constantly half exposed in public.
    9th Dec 2016
    An informative and interesting article for women, I'm sure. As a bloke I just love the photo of the smiling vagina :) Wishing all genders a very Happy, Healthy and Merry Christmas, no matter where your problems lie.
    9th Dec 2016
    Ah yes, beware of the smiling vaginas...especially the ones that have a heart in them...
    9th Dec 2016
    Yes HS. hehehe
    9th Dec 2016
    and, of those baring gifts.
    9th Dec 2016
    Not one of the foods described in this article have been shown to have any significant 'health' effects apart from being pleasant to eat. The authors should provide the references of the research they draw their findings and recommendations from.
    9th Dec 2016
    Only empirical evidence will be accepted.
    9th Dec 2016
    Where does one get Turnip Greens ???
    9th Dec 2016
    From the above-ground part of the turnip. Duh!
    Old Man
    9th Dec 2016
    Well Rocky, down in Louisiana they call them polk salad and if you click on the link, Elvis will explain a little bit more for you.

    9th Dec 2016
    Ovestin is what the GP recommends for this problem. Just make sure not more than 2 times a week or your lover or husband my grown boobs as seen in Doc Martin early episodes where she accidentally used it 3 times a day as used to be 3 times a week.
    When I saw this episode and using it - hubbie had a quick sqiz to see if his had grown some!
    11th Dec 2016
    It's not new because I have read about these very same foods as being beneficial for female sexual organs as WELL AS MALE SEXUAL ORGANS.
    IN particular, PUMPKIN SEEDS and PISTACHIO NUTS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR NUTS as well as dark chocolate, eggs, red meats, chilli and garlic spring to my mind.
    So fellas, do not dispair.
    It is well known by doctors that something like 75% of women have never experienced an orgasm whereas others have them all the time and that many fake orgasms as a result so as to please the guy which is totally wrong because their problem will never be resolved otherwise.
    PINOT NOIR & CHAMPAGNE as well as STRAWBERRIES & OYSTERS are also reputed to have beneficial components.
    However, good health and adequate sleep are the first paths to work on.
    Unfortunately, many anti depressants and antipsychotics prevent orgasms and libido as well as chronic pain and anxiety.
    Stupid and snide comments from inadequate men like here also do nothing for women's confidence nor esteem so please guys, keep your bullying tactics in your pants!
    11th Dec 2016
    As a bloke I thort some of the comments, are quite juvenile, & unbecoming to the male species. It is a medical problem, for women. If something helps, fix it. Well & good. You fella's, & you know who you are should get your hand off it. I think you probably have never had a good woman & unlikely to have one in the future.

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