The wonder of natural pain relief

If you’re suffering from the usual array of aches and pains and don’t want to pop any more pills, then perhaps you should consider a more natural method of pain relief.

Bioflow’s unique products use powerful neodymium magnets with a ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ magnetic field, which has proved successful for many conditions such as arthritis, poor circulation, back pain, period pains, headaches, promoting natural healing to injuries, and as a natural alternative pain relief for many other ailments. 

So how does it work? When blood passes through the multi-directional magnetic field it is subjected to a pulsating effect, which is widely believed to help the body maintain a balanced pH (the information base of pain) and maintain good conductivity in the cells which is essential for good health. The medical profession has accepted the use of electrically generated pulsed magnetic fields to help relieve pain.

Bioflow has a broad range of designed magnotherapy bracelets, one of which is sure to take your fancy. If looking good is important to you, then you should have a look at the designer range. The Entire Designer Range contains two central reverse polarity magnets and they are designed to be comfortable and elegant.

For those who are a little more sporty and energetic, then the sports bands maybe just right for you. These silicon bands are comfortable and with Bioflow’s patented technology and are an unbeatable mix of technology and style.

Bioflow’s 90-day money-back guarantee* and its patented technology, ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ magnets, can be beneficial as a natural form of pain relief, helping to reduce pain and discomfort which has not been effectively controlled by conventional medication. 

Can you afford not to try it? Read Bioflow’s incredible testimonials online at

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