Ten simple tips for counteracting forgetfulness

Feeling forgetful? Here are 10 simple tips to allay absentmindedness.

forgetfullness tips

There comes a stage in everyone’s life when forgetfulness comes a knockin’. Don’t fret, it’s natural – and there are some simple ways to allay your absentmindedness.

1. Learn a new skill
Give your brain a workout by learning a new skill. Your brain is like a muscle, so the more you work out, the stronger it stays.

2. Get involved in body and mind activities
Team sports and any activities that push you physically and mentally are ideal ways to keep an active brain. Increased blood flow is super-beneficial for your grey matter, and the team play aspect keeps you socially engaged.

3. Volunteer
Whether it’s knitting scarves for your local school fete, baking cakes for your community centre or pulling out weeds from your place of worship, being involved in the community keeps you active and connected – two factors that have huge cognitive dividends.

4. Spend time with friends and family
Again, staying connected with friends and family keeps your brain active and can stave off depression and loneliness, which are key contributors to cognitive decline.

5. Get puzzling
Puzzles, crosswords and other brain teasers are perfect ways to give your brain purpose. By challenging your brain, you’re building new brain cells and strengthening neural pathways, which counteracts any cells that may be damaged or dying.

6. Become habitual
Put your purse, keys and sunglasses in the same place each day. It’s okay to give your brain a break and by creating habits, you allow it to develop ‘mechanical memory’.

7. Don’t drink too much
Alcohol is a great social lubricant and when used as such can be beneficial. But drinking too much will quickly undo any positive benefits for your brain.

8. Eat healthy
Your brain needs a range of nutrients to function, so give it the best chance to operate at optimal efficiency by eating healthily.

9. Use all your senses
When you access your sense of sight, smell, touch and sound, you’ll have a better chance of remembering things.

10. Use to-do lists
Take notes when you think of things, write shopping lists, use calendars when you make appointments. The more you use notes to keep track of your life, the easier it will be to ensure you don’t forget things.

What tips do you have for staying sharp?



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    27th Oct 2017
    Write everything down. Don't go shopping without a list and if you forget to take it with you, go home and get it.
    Nan Norma
    27th Oct 2017
    And hope you don't forget to write down all you need. LOL
    27th Oct 2017
    Don't forget to write a note where you left the first one!
    27th Oct 2017
    I have just invested in Google Home - I can't tell you if it works yet as its in the mail.
    27th Oct 2017
    My husband has had memory problems for many years. We have a writing pad in the kitchen and when something is about to run out we write it down. This becomes the weekly shopping list. Often the memory is not the problem 'tuning out' and not listening are the real problems. As the audiologist said, the hearing is fine, it's the listening that isn't.
    20th Nov 2017
    Also looking but not seeing, I think it might become a habit with some people -- or is it just laziness?

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