Top five organisational websites

These five organisational websites will help you get on top of your housework, unclutter your brain, simplify cooking, streamline your weight-loss and more.

Organise your home
Organise My House is a website which offers handy how-to guides to help you get your home and family organised. It explains how to tackle each aspect of your house and how to get your family involved (without the headache).

Unclutter your brain
The Alzheimer’s Australia BrainyApp is designed to decrease your risk of dementia. Using this may help you to improve your focus, memory and problem-solving skills, keeping your mind sharp and clutter-free.

Spruce up small spaces
Apartment Therapy is all about turning small, pokey apartments into enviable living spaces. It offers low-cost design ideas for people without a lot of space, so that you can use the space you do have more effectively while creating a home that feels good to be in.

Make food simple
Simplifried is all about ending mealtime stress. It offers a seemingly endless supply of meal ideas which are tasty, nutritious and easy to make, complete with instructions. You can ask professional cooks questions, hone your cooking techniques or simply find some new recipe ideas.

Keep track of your weight
When the clutter of everyday life gets on top of you, it can be hard to find the time (and the inclination) to eat well and exercise regularly. has a number of handy tools to help you stay on top of your weight, including free eating plans and a body mass index (BMI) calculator.