Understand headaches and become pain-free

At least one in ten Australians suffer from a headache every week

At least one in ten Australians suffer from a headache every week, yet few are able to pinpoint the triggers. A new headache diary could be the key to becoming pain free.

The results of a survey released during National Pain Week found that of the 1200 respondents, one-in-three reported suffering from headaches at least once a month, with one-in-ten reporting a headache at least once a week. Of those who report having regular headaches (one or more a week) around 50 per cent have seen a doctor, but only one-in-three have kept a record of their symptoms or other information about their headaches.

With this in mind, NPS has launched a new headache diary to help people with frequent headaches understand and manage their pain. A headache diary allows you to record important details about your headaches, such as symptoms, frequency and other factors which may be contributing to their onset. It also helps you and your doctor to assess how successful are any treatments.

When it comes to treating headaches, over-the-counter pain medicines were the overwhelmingly popular choice with 81 per cent of headache sufferers reporting using one for their last headache.  Massage (11 per cent) and ice packs (nine per cent) were other treatment options reported.

You can find out more about headaches and download or order a copy of the new NPS Headache Diary at www.nps.org.au 


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    5th Aug 2013
    A lot of headaches are caused by dehydration so drink water first before anything else,and I mean a big glass not a sip. Also allergies to chemicals in our environment and food,additives,pollution etc and generally lack of fresh air and oxygen,so go for walks in nature everyday. Then look at your diet,too much sugar and processed foods especially wheat will give you headaches. Lastly stress,some meditation is always helpful.

    6th Aug 2013
    i got a headache from reading this article

    6th Aug 2013
    Funny things headaches,i spent 45 years in a noisy enviroment and I never had a headache,i wore a very tight welding helmet too,never had a headache,wore a bike helmet and never had a headache.
    For the past 12 months i have had a permanent headache,everyday now in varying degrees,sometimes its a thumper,always its either dull thump to my pulse or a sharp constant stab.
    !2 months ago i was bitten by about 30 Ticks over a 4 week period,i have had a headache since,either i am getting used to it or its intensity is diminishing.
    Nothing stops it,nothing,Aspirin,Mersyndol,Tramadol,Panadeine Forte,Endone or Oxy Contin,nothing stops it?

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