Walk to alleviate lower-back pain

Study shows walking is an effective way to alleviate lower-back pain

Walk to alleviate lower back pain

A new study, published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation, has found that walking is as effective in alleviating lower-back pain as muscle strengthening programs which often require specialised equipment, supervision by a specialist and which can be costly.

The study, undertaken by Dr Michal Katz-Leurer and Illana Shnayderman, included 52 patients with lower-back pain. The patients completed questionnaires which assessed their muscle and walking endurance, pain levels, feelings of disability and avoidance of daily activities. Half the participants then completed a clinic-based muscle strengthening program for six weeks, while the other half competed a six-week aerobic walking program.

Both groups completed two-to-three exercise sessions per week. Those who walked started with 20 minutes of exercise and increased to 40 minutes as their endurance improved.

At the end of the six weeks the results showed that both groups had improved significantly in all areas of assessment, suggesting that undertaking a walking program is as effective as clinical exercises. It also allows patients to take control of their own back health management and is a much more cost-effective option.

Dr Katz-Leurer noted that walking, a low-impact activity, lowers blood pressure, boosts brain function, improves immune system function and reduces stress.

To find out more read the article Walking away from back pain at the ScienceDaily website. 


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    15th Mar 2013
    I have a lot of experience with low back pain and can vouch for this walking programme because it helped me significantly. The more I walked, the faster I walked, the better my fitness, the less pain I had. Strengthening exercises on the other hand, worsened the pain for me. The other thing that worked was a magnetic wrap which I purchased from the chemist for around $60. I don't thank the magnets but the rigid support the wrap gave me. I wore it over my clothes when I was at home and it was the equivalent of two Nurofens. I now have two rods from T4 - Sacrum, 21 screws and two iliac bolts into my pelvis, so it was never going to save me from surgery, but both those treatments worked for pain when nothing else did.
    15th Mar 2013
    I often get back pain and always at an inconvenient time. i've never thought about walking to fix it but your "two rods from T4 - Sacrum, 21 screws and two iliac bolts into my pelvis" comment sure gives me the incentive to try.... thank you.
    15th Mar 2013
    I'd definitely recommend it Chris. It takes a few weeks before you feel the benefits, but once you're in a routine of walking every day, you continue to feel the benefit. Even since my surgery, I continue the walking daily because there's nothing like the feeling of fitness to make you feel good.
    16th Mar 2013
    I've had numerous oblations to my lower spine and all it seemed to do was scatter the pain. However, I love walking and thank goodness for a dog as I need to take her for two walks every day. Pain saps your strength and can cause depression, one thing I can't afford. I am a uni student so need my memory rgetefore I am limited to the taking of morphine (patches) but I can recommend walking. Fresh air and exercise AND it's free !!:)
    15th Mar 2018
    If only I could walk for more than about 15 mins -- I used to love walking and being active any more than 1/2 hour on my feet an I am in pain

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