This common disease can become deadly in an instant

This common disease affecting half of older Aussies can become deadly in an instant

This common disease can become deadly in an instant

Diverticulosis is a condition that allows diverticula, small pouches that develop in the muscle of the wall of the intestine and colon, to form. Diverticulitis refers to inflammation or infection of these abnormal pouches and is considered a serious medical condition. These conditions together are known as diverticular disease.  

Diverticulosis is extremely common, affecting more than half of those over the age of 70. It is most common among older people who eat meat and follow a ‘Western’ diet.  

Diverticulitis may cause abscesses, haemorrhage and a perforated bowel. A rupture in the bowel wall may cause contents to leak into the abdominal cavity. This may be indicated by fever, chills and pain. Peritonitis, the infection of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and organs, may be caused by perforation and can be life-threatening. Both conditions are medical emergencies and require immediate medical assistance.

While people with diverticulosis often show no symptoms, the presence of diverticula may be indicated by:

  • constipation or diarrhoea
  • pain or bloating in the abdomen
  • flatulence
  • anaemia
  • blood in faeces.

Diverticulitis symptoms include:

  • fever
  • abdominal bloating
  • sharp pain in the abdomen
  • nausea and vomiting.

Diagnosing diverticular disease can be difficult, because of the limited symptoms, but medical tests, including a physical examination, a colonoscopy, CT scan, barium enema and stool or blood tests, can confirm the condition.

While there is no known way to prevent diverticular disease, increasing your consumption of fibrous vegetables, exercising regularly and staying hydrated all help to manage the condition.

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    Disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.


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    8th Jul 2019
    Having recently been hospitalized following my first diverticulitis attack I would advise seniors who suffer and think the pain is just constipation as I did you seek medical advice urgently. The pain I had bent me in half. I was lucky my doctor sent me for a CT scan immediately and I was admitted to hospital and had an IV antibiotic drip for 5 days. I had a very good consultant and will be having a colonoscopy in 2 weeks.
    8th Jul 2019
    Also have this condition. Interestingly, I am vegan so don't consume the 'typical Western diet'. Could be
    hereditary. Mother had it. Friend in Canada also has this (painful) condition. Recommended to her, she takes a
    nightly dose of meta mucil orange smooth. Since I have done the same, all good. Amazing.
    9th Jul 2019
    Your intake of fats could be too high or you may not be absorbing your nutrients. Have a read of any of Anthony Williams books and he explains how you can heal through drinking celery juice and changing your diet by reducing fats until you heal.
    8th Jul 2019
    This disease is happening to younger people who eat junk food diet
    Evan Gelist
    8th Jul 2019
    My father-in-law had been getting steadily worse to the point that he could vomit back all that he’d eaten. Old, and with other significant health problems, his experienced caring doctor sadly admitted there was nothing he could do. Then I read of others who had received great relief from regular doses of OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT. Got some from the local health food store, and he started to get relief after a few days. Completely cured of pains and vomiting after several weeks. His doctor was amazed.
    9th Jul 2019
    Olive Leaf Extract is great but I cannot understand how it helped with this problem. Did he change his diet at the same time?
    9th Jul 2019
    Increasing your fruit and veggie intake is a good recommendation but also increasing wholefoods and staying away from packaged junk. Lowering fat intake whether it is from animal sources or plant sources is good too. Celery juice will help to restore your gut so that you can heal and absorb nutrients once again. Read about it by looking up Anthony Williams/Celery juice.
    9th Jul 2019
    Thanks, Musicveg. Appreciated.
    9th Jul 2019
    I know how it feels to have IBS and I cured myself, I have been vegan for years, but being vegan does not mean being healthy which I found out, I increased my fruit and veggie intake and got rid of processed foods. I am now on a low fat whole food plant based diet which includes raw honey, so I am more of a Began than a Vegan these days.
    Evan Gelist
    9th Jul 2019
    Reply to Musicveg: no my father-in-law didn’t change his diet. Olive Leaf extract is known for its highly effective anti-inflammatory agent Oleuropein, and diverticulitis is an inflammatory condition of the gut.

    Olive leaf extract also worked wonders for me when I caught Ross River Virus - another inflammatory disease.
    9th Jul 2019
    So has he had to stay on the Olive Leaf Extract to prevent further flare-ups? I have used it in the past and found it helpful but not curing anything so it is really fascinating to hear. He may have had some kind of pathogen in the gut too which can give you the same symptoms so maybe it killed it off. I have bought it online and still have some which I use every now and again.
    Evan Gelist
    9th Jul 2019
    Reply to Musicveg: my father-in-law had been medically diagnosed with diverticulitis following extensive medical examinations. He continued to take Olive Leaf Extract daily for the rest of his life before he died of natural causes.

    In my case (Ross River Virus), as there is no anti-viral treatment, one can only treat its inflammatory symptoms which are largely held in check by supporting a weakened immune system with Olive Leaf Extract. I also take curcumin for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Together, they allow me to live a normal life, but yes, it becomes an ongoing daily treatment. A 3 week holiday in NZ was spoiled when I decided not to take the stuff with me, and ended up in bed for 3 days! It took nearly 2 weeks of normal dosage to fully recover.

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