What your eye colour says about your health

Your eye colour says more than you realise about your health and susceptibility to disease.

What your eye colour says about your health

Brown, green, blue and ‘other’ – the colour of your eyes says more than you realise about your health and susceptibility to disease.

People with grey, green or blue eyes are more likely to get eye cancer than their brown-eyed friends.

And, according to studies, those brown-eyed friends have facial features that are evidently more trustworthy than others. Brown-eyed folks are also less likely to suffer hearing loss than those with blue eyes, because people with brown eyes have more melanin in their eyes and ears, which offer more protection against noise. Conversely, brown eyes are twice as likely to become clouded with cataracts, says one Australian study.

The same Australian study says people with light-coloured eyes are twice as likely to get age-related macular degeneration. And if you have blue eyes and fair skin, you have a higher risk of getting type 1 diabetes, says a 2011 European study. Blue-eyed people are also more likely to drink and become addicted to alcohol, according to a 2015 study, and women with blue eyes are at higher risk of developing deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE).

Your eye colour could also decide which type of behavioural therapy is most effective. Darker eyed people are more likely to respond to rigid therapy, while lighter eyed people respond better to a flexible program.

Did you know that one in five people have different sized pupils? Sometimes it may be a natural condition, but it can also be a symptom of stroke or infection.

Resting pupil size may be a sign of intelligence. Experts are still undecided, but many point to larger pupils as being linked to a brain that works better than smaller pupils.

Multi-coloured eyes could be a symptom of Waardenburg syndrome: a genetic disorder which makes you lose pigment in your hair, skin and eyes, or cause deafness and unique facial features.

Those with brown eyes are better suited to sports that involve reactions, such as boxing, hitting a ball (cricket, baseball) and defensive sports. But if you need to control the reaction, blued-eyed folks have the advantage, and will shine in sports such as bowling (tenpin, lawn), golf, and controlled throwing sports (darts, baseball pitching, cricket bowling).

And by studying women in labour, scientists were able to learn which eye colour has the best pain tolerance. Women with darker eyes tended to exhibit lower pain thresholds, waking up more often from pain, and were more likely to be depressed as a result of the pain.

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Do you agree with these findings? What colour eyes do you have? Do you know anyone with two different coloured eyes?



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    27th Mar 2019
    This is the biggest load of rubbish you have ever posted. I even checked to make sure it was not the 1st April. Melanin help protect the skin from the sun and has no link to hearing.
    27th Mar 2019
    The original article came from a usa site & was dated 19 October, 2017. YLCs fault was using it, removing just some of the garbage and then republishing it! cheers
    27th Mar 2019
    I cannot agree with the findings at all !
    27th Mar 2019
    In my youth I knew a girl who had different coloured eyes and different coloured eye brows, she seemed normal to me.
    27th Mar 2019
    I experience some small degree of discomfort in my 'brown-eye' from time to time, in all probability as a result of over indulgence in any one, or combination of; work, alcohol, food or simply a dose of the 'trots'.
    Thanks for this article, it gives comprehensive insight into my shitty eyesight.
    28th Mar 2019
    What a lot of rubbish,I have different coloured eyes and I am extremely healthy!
    Does any of this get checked out by another reliable source before it is put into print?
    29th Mar 2019
    Have you ever had a small tuft of white hair just above your frontal hairline?

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