When does a body ache signal something more serious?

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Body aches are extremely common as we age but they can be an early warning sign for more serious problems.

There are many different reasons why we can suffer from body aches.

While most instances of body aches are easily treatable and relatively harmless, some body aches can be symptoms of more serious medical conditions.

Body aches often occur alongside other symptoms, such as fatigue, weakness, shivers, changes in body temperature, or cold and flu-like symptoms.

Some possible causes of body aches include:

Fibromyalgia – a long-term condition that causes aches and pains throughout the body, and is often accompanied by muscle stiffness.

Infections and viruses – the flu, the common cold, and other viral or bacterial infections can cause body aches.

Fluid retention – you can experience cramps or sharp localised pains if you are retaining fluid, as the fluid can cause muscles to swell and press on the nerve endings.

Medications – statins and some blood pressure medication have side effects that make the body feel sore, stiff and achy.

Stress – can cause tension in the body and also weaken the immune system.

Dehydration – can sometimes cause a person to feel tired and sore.

Insomnia – over time, not getting enough sleep can lead to exhaustion. This may make the body feel achy, sluggish and heavy.

Arthritis – can cause the body’s immune system to attack the healthy tissues that line the joints, causing pain and discomfort.

When to see a doctor
If traditional pain relief techniques, such as drinking more water, getting more sleep, regular resting or taking over-the-counter medications, are not relieving your symptoms, it might be worth thinking about your next course of action.

If you have been suffering from the pain for more than two weeks and it shows no sign of abating, or is even intensifying or becoming more severe, it could be worth scheduling an appointment with your GP.

For more information, visit medicalnewstoday.com

Have you ever suffered with miscellaneous body aches and pains? Did you discover the root cause of the pain? Were you able to get relief?

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Written by Ben


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  1. 0

    So there you have it. A long increasing list of no cure causes that the snake oil people are making a fortune out of.
    Specialists, MRIs set you back $1000s and in the end you will get a script for Panadol and a grim future prognosis.
    I remember trying to leave my scans everywhere but at my home. I actually didn’t want to own my diagnosis.
    Your friends will have a myriad of useless potions and then claim if it isn’t working you haven’t been taking it long enough!
    So my tip, drop the sugar and salt intake, don’t have any carbonated drinks. Do increase your magnesium intake. Sleep, pace your exercise routine, float, bandage sore joints, and see a physiotherapist. And one final tip when I can’t stand being inside my own body. Relax and give up for awhile.
    Right now I would look like a Mummy at an Egyptian museum if I bandaged every sore joint however when this humid weather and the silly season is over things will improve.

    • 0

      I note the words ‘old age’ do not get a run.

      You have a good list Rosret but the one thing which affects human beings badly is STRESS. Plenty in my life and it has not done me any favours.
      I hope the next life is somewhat kinder…but in the words of an unknown poet “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”. Maybe we should all be happy with the cards we are dealt.

    • 0

      Can only agree wit you on this, Mick

    • 0

      Not so much as being happy with the cards you are dealt Mick, rather making the best of what you’ve got

  2. 0

    At my age everything is a sign of something sinister. It’s old age a sure sign of oncoming death. Ha ha

  3. 0

    Pain is simply a sign of inflammation which is your body reacting to something outside of it. Diet plays a big part of this. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables more than anything else will help. Wholefood not dead food. Anyone interested in reading a great book, borrow it from a library; Medical Medium by Anthony William, an inspiring book for those who want to take control of their own health.

  4. 0

    More like it’s telling you you needed to exercise your body to stop it ceasing up like a rusty old machine. Try a bit of shanks pony as a good tonic.

    • 0

      Yep. Move it or lose it is so true.

    • 0

      Do you notice its Alan Border and Dawn Fraser who advertise the arthritis ailment treatments. Its a balance. too little, too much, too much stress, genes. Some are lucky, some are not.
      Those of you who can still run and ride bikes are the lucky ones and have probably just made a comment to make the rest of us feel insufficient. But that’s OK I wouldn’t wish joint pain on anyone and I am glad you are healthy.

    • 0

      Alan Border and Dawn Fraser only advertise such things as they get paid handsomely for doing so. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

      Unfortunately some people fail to exercise their bodies and wake up one day and wonder what happened.

  5. 0

    You are forgetting kidney stones. This is a serious condition if you ignore it in favour of another condition that you might think it is. If a large stone comes out of the pelvis in the kidney and drops down blocking the ureter, you can develop hydronephrosis, which is the last6 thing you want, it can destroy a good portion of your kidney. So go to your GP and ask for a CT scan if he isn’t cluey enough to suggest it

  6. 0

    The lady in the lead photo has her hand right over where her kidney is.!!

    • 0

      I think she is a model. Maybe I should photograph the poor old guy who just walked passed my house with his walker.
      His knees were bandaged and he stopped and sat for awhile before continuing. The price of growing old.

  7. 0

    After injuring my arm/shoulder from the lawn mower cord breaking I have been in pain for months, but I got some relief from a herbal supplement: Fusion Pain & Inflammation, it stopped it hurting during the day but it still cramps up a night and hurts in the morning. We now have bought an electric mower with simple start up.



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