Women's Health

As women age there are many medical issues which need to be addressed. Menopause, bladder control, thickening waistline… all sounds like fun, doesn’t it? While getting older may not be a laughing matter, there are many resources available to help ease the process.


How to cope with painful sex

senior woman lies awake in bed after painful sex

How to cope with painful sex

Everything you wanted to know about painful sex ... but were too embarrassed to ask.

Top Stories

  1. A woman’s sexual journey
  1. Weight-loss secrets of women
  1. Natural remedies for menopause
  1. Symptoms of ovarian cancer
  1. How your thyroid affects your health

Eating for healthy bones

Healthy foods for healthy bones

Eating for healthy bones

Keeping your bones strong is not just a goal for later years.

How to strengthen your pelvic floor

Mature woman with yoga mat smiling

How to strengthen your pelvic floor

Learn about pelvic floor health and strengthening exercises.

Foolproof ways to move more

Smiling mature sporty woman exercising with friends

Foolproof ways to move more

Jean Hailes offers you foolproof ways to start moving and keep moving for optimum health.

The delicate balance of down there

Close up of clothed mature woman with hands covering crotch

The delicate balance of down there

The health of 'down there' depends on balancing huge populations of bacteria.

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Ten early signs of dementia

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