Fresh look at women’s health

With the current women’s health policy 20 years old, the time has come to address the changing issues facing today’s typical Australian woman.

Over the years there may have been substantial improvements in diagnosis and treatment for diseases such as breast and cervical cancer and more may be known about the menopause and how to combat its effects but women’s lifestyles have changed so much that new diseases are threatening their wellbeing. Hectic lifestyles, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol all take their toll on a woman’s health. The Government is addressing changing health needs by issuing the discussion paper, New National Women’s Health Policy: Consultation Discussion Paper 2009. Aimed at encouraging discussions between key women’s’ health groups, welfare groups, the Australian public and the Government, the paper will be discussed at consultation throughout the states and territories in the coming months.

To view the paper and find out when your nearest consultation meeting will be held, visit the Minister for Health and Ageing.