Wrinkles give indication of bone density

A recent study suggests there could be a link between wrinkles and bone density for women in their early menopausal years. Yale University scientists believe you might be able to judge a woman’s risk of osteoporosis just by looking at the skin between her eyes.

While the study only tested 114 women, the results have prompted more study into the idea. The scientists believe that the more wrinkles a woman has in her early menopausal years, the lower her bone density will be. In particular, the wrinkles between the brows seem to give the best indication of risk.

The connection between skin and bones may seem trivial, but they do share the common foundation of a group of proteins called collagens. Because of this connection it’s believed that if the changes in collagen cause wrinkles, they will also be causing damage to bone strength. The study has stressed that these findings only suggest an association between bone density and wrinkles, not an exact cause.

The study is being conducted as part of an investigation into menopausal hormone therapy. The scientists involved say a four-year study is required to ensure that these initial findings can be supported.

Do you think skin wrinkles can actually help doctors to more readily identify bone density issues? Is this study worth pursuing?