Here’s how to travel with jewellery

Don’t get your necklace in a knot with this precious jewellery case.

Here’s how to travel with jewellery

Travelling with jewellery rarely ends well. If it doesn’t break, it often ends up tangled or attached to other pieces requiring young eyes and a painstaking process to prise it free again.

While there are tricks of the trade (threading necklaces through straws, and putting earrings and rings in pill containers, the best option is to separate your delicate and precious pieces so they don’t combine forces.

Ideal for travelling, the LaPoche Jewellery case is arguably the ultimate way to keep all your jewels in one place while travelling. Designed to fit rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, it features mesh and covered pockets as well as loops and straps to hang items.

Small enough not to take up a lot of space in your bag, the LaPoche Jewellery case has two zippered side compartments, a handle on top and is made of durable and washable fabric. One of the more impressive ways to transport jewellery that we’ve seen, there’s no chance of any tangled surprises when you travel with this in your luggage.

RRP: $36.95 from TravelGear.



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